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    New nVidia gpu?

    YouTube - ‪Crysis2 DX11 on Unreleased NVIDIA GPU‬‏ 6xx series? Or just a new 5xx series mobile GPU?
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    NVIDIA Fermi - GTX 470 - GTX 480 - GTX 480 SLI Review @ [H]

    Well, here's hoping the 500 series will actually be something impressive.
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    list your Windows 7 (retail) problems

    Minor thing. Seems to only want to put one of my LAN connections as a Home network, is adamant that no matter what the other is a public one.
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    Apple takes aim at Windows 7

    Looking at that box of crap she has. Im not sure which one it would actually be easier to install it on :rolleyes:
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    I need a new PC :( Sign me up kthnx :)
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    Dell 24-inch U2410 IPS monitor sneaks out for $599 US retail

    There is a thread just on this monitor that holds those answers.
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    Dell U2410

    According to - It's - 24"WS LG.Display H-IPS (LM240WU4-SLB1)
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    Dell U2410

    Some shots compared to a CRT from ocuk forums -
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    What's your gaming resolution?

    1680x1050 as it's the max my monitor does. And 1920x1200 on my laptop
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    Dell U2410

    Well it's now available in the UK! Here Coming at £573.85 I really want two of these but i might have to do some waiting for a price drop. Conversion prices from other places were going around £400. Damn our bloody taxes. Seriously.. So the 900 AUS is roughly 454 GBP The current discounted...
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    Dell U2410

    cnet reviews as usual are utterly useless. They don't even have any pictures of their monitor on..
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    Dell U2410

    Sounds great. Chances you could get some timer shots between the Iiyama and the Dell? Input lag will be a deciding factor for me, when (if) it hits the UK market.
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    Dell U2410

    So this is available in Asia, Australia. But no the EU or the US? Wtf Dell.. Also its retardedly cheap on the honk kong site right now with 50% discount HK$3,369 / £269 / US$434 :[
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    Want to hook up 4 monitors displaying the same image

    Get two DVI splitters, two outputs then results in 4.