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    Suggestions: Best TV under $800usd

    Any thoughts on this TV? -- My initial budget was $800 but I ran into anoither 2-300 bucks to throw ontop..
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    Suggestions: Best TV under $800usd

    Ah... What do you think I am looking at cost wise for a good quality 4K120 65" ? I don't need flagship. Thanks
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    Suggestions: Best TV under $800usd

    I am moving in a couple weeks and I am looking to buy a new TV. I am looking for something around 65" I was told Samsung is the way to go "shrugs"... I understand 4K and 120hz is must-haves? Is there anything else?? I don't watch a whole ton of tv but when I do it's generally just Netflix or...
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    Galaxy S20 Thread

    Crazy question..... I have had my S20 5G for about 2 months now... For the most part everything works fine... However, when I am creating stories using Instagram it will not allot me to move the image from dead-center... (if that makes any sense) ... But if I use my old Pixel 2XL my...
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    Pixel 2XL - Android 11 = Bricked!

    Anyone had their Pixel bricked after Android 11 update? It's been a couple weeks now and it looks like Google has just forgot about this issue. I am experiencing the same issue... When you launch the camera - or any app that uses the camera - it just crashes... Myself and others who have had...
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    Pixel 5 early news

    Wow I really like that... I been thinking of upgrading my P2XL but I may hold off for this 5..
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    What hardware to get .... 5 Monitors, 3 Computers & 1 Mouse + Keyboard

    Long story short... I want my HP Laptop on a docking station to run on three monitors... The other two monitors I want on my Dell Tower and my Macbook Pro... And I need to run it ALL with one mouse and keyboard.... Hardware suggestions???
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    Android tablets...?

    I bit the bullet and bought an ipad pro 12" and the Galaxy S6... We'll see which one I like better and I'll return the other.
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    Laptop Suggestions - Printer Suggestions

    I am a fan of Lenovo laptops... They have a broad line of computers fit for all users.
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    Android tablets...?

    Is samsung the only one keeping Android alive in the tablet industry? I am going to be in the market for a tablet in the next month or two and it seems like it's either buy a Samsung tablet.. or the obvious a iPad.. Is there any other android tablets that isn't on my radar?
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    what case is this?

    That's a really nice case... A guy I worked with had one similar to that.
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    Suggestions - 2.1 Systems under $200

    Whats everyone using for a 2.1 system in the $200 price range.
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    Smallest case with ATX Mobo/PSU support

    The CM Q500 is pretty sweet.. I bought one on sale not long ago... Hoping to have the rest of the parts needed to assemble it soon
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    Suggestions - Keyboard & Mouse - Sub $100

    I need some suggestions on the best mechanical keyboard and mouse for under $100... I don't do any gaming (anymore), just basic web browsing, multi-tasking and working from home. My current setup is a Logitech K360 keyboard and a very old Logitech G5 corded mouse that the buttons pick and choose...
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    Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50...

    Looking to buy some new wireless earbuds for the gym... I would say $50 is on the high-side of my spending limit.. Toss me some suggestions - Thanks