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    Need a new SATA boot SSD. What's the current Gold standard?

    Some of their failures were also boot drives.
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    Need a new SATA boot SSD. What's the current Gold standard?

    Be wary of the Samsung Evo's. I friend of mine, who works with Video Editing for a living and has built many systems with Evo drives of all sizes, mentioned to me in casual chat the other day to steer clear of them due to their high failure rate. I think he said he had a dozen fail over the...
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    Intel Kaby Lake i5-7600K CPU De-Lid & Re-Lid Temp Results @ [H]

    Maybe I missed it but what Cooler is being used for these tests? I just setup my i7-7700k with Corsairs H100i-v2 and am getting ~40-43C temps under load using the Asus stress test! Very good results. Was just curious for comparison sake. This is using Liquid Ultra Pro.
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    Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700K CPU De-Lid & Re-Lid Results @ [H]

    You are welcome. I have ordered the Rockit product and the re-lid tool today. I have a i7-7700k, asus z270 Tuf Mk2, Samsung 960 M.2 drive, Corsair 400Q, Corsair H100i v2, as well as a Corsair HX1000 Platnimum Power supply sitting at home ready to assemble :) I guess its time to update my...
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    Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700K CPU De-Lid & Re-Lid Results @ [H]

    Firstly I have no affiliation with the creator of this product. Nor have I used it. This is very similar to the product that was reviewed. I believe it is based in the US and seems to be as easy to use. This was also on Kickstarter a while back. The only...
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    Failure rate of SAMSUNG 840 250GB SSD?

    Telling someone "Should have gotten Pro" is a ridiculous statement. The Pro version of the drive is a bit faster and a bit more money, maybe the Pro wasn't within budget. Ashton, there is nothing wrong with your decision to migrate to the SSD you choose. What is more likely is that...
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    Multiple Disk Erasing Hardware

    1) Multiple Drill Points through the entire drive (especially the platters)... Titanium drill bit for $10, drill for about $80, or drill press and a wooden jig to hold the drives $200. 2) a Degauser, can much cheaper than a disk wiper. - example...
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    8X RAID in 16X Slot

    Check your motherboards documentation, they should have it spelled out. I didn't at first and had my GTX 680 in the first PCIe x16 slot, works perfectly. I then had my LIS 9260-4i in the second PCIe x16 slot. I didn't realize I was hampering the video card until I checked in GPU-Z and it...
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    Concerned about using an SSD over a mechanical HDD

    Wrong Thread bud... Posting information from someone else's work is ok, as long as you are giving credit, like providing a link, or reference to where you got the information. Posting as you did is not ok. Yes forums are meant for sharing but please do it responsibly and correctly.
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    Hitachi Ultrastar 7k4000 questions

    Extide said it pretty good. But to get you started, since it seems your keen to learn, here is some information. 1) What is Raid? - 2) How Do I raid? - Well this is a bit more complicated. There are several answers depending on what raid level you...
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    Concerned about using an SSD over a mechanical HDD

    I doubt you'll be sorry by getting the Samsung 840 Pro, that is one of the best out there at the moment. I'm probably ordering one this coming week my self. But you really should not insult people for providing their opinions. This is an open forum and everyone is entitled to respond if...
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    Concerned about using an SSD over a mechanical HDD

    I second what Jojo69 says... Relax, you are worrying too much and over thinking the SSD switch. I use a Samsung 830 non Pro its fine, as would a 840 non Pro if your concerned about price. You can find a 840 non pro, 250GB for as low as $169. You can find a 840 Pro, 256GB for as low as $226...
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    Where to take my "fileserver" from here?

    Oh, you'll want to keep an eye on your Power Supply, adding more devices, you should consider upgrading that.
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    Where to take my "fileserver" from here?

    Red's are a good choice. I have a co-worker who used FreeNAS for a while and regrets it. I myself have a LSI/3Ware 2960-4i and keep my 3x3TB array in my main box since I have a Obsidian 800D case to house it all. I'll likely be upgrading to a newer -8i card in the future since I don't...
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    PCI-e or Sata SSD's and Money

    You lost me at OCZ. OCZ have had a bad track record with regards to reliability for a long time and you'll find that that brand's name is like holy water is to Vampires :) Besides you can get newer SSD's for about $95 that would likely perform better. This is an example.