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    AMD Appoints Dr. Lisa Su as President and CEO, Read Steps Down

    They competed with and beat the Titans for far less money. The Titans as of now are only being bought by people with far more money than sense. What they haven't beaten yet is the 9xx series from Nvidia, but those have just released so it's to be expected.
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    Consensual Sex App Pulled From Apple Store

    This is one of the few situations where thanks Obama is at least a bit appropriate. The policies he has pushed campuses to adopt when it comes to sexual assault allegations are quite frankly ridiculous.
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    CEO Of GT Advanced Sold Shares Before iPhone Announcement

    If he was smart he would have had the money in an offshore account and a plane to a non-extradition country the day before all this went down. Screw the poor all you like, once you start costing other rich people money you're going to have problems.
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    AMD Appoints Dr. Lisa Su as President and CEO, Read Steps Down

    AMD has been doing a lot of interesting stuff for awhile now, but not much of it has been very profitable for them. They're probably headed in the right direction, but until that proves to be the case the short-sellers are going to keep killing them.
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    Sprint Announces Layoffs, Number of Affected Employees Unknown

    How Sprint still doesn't allow BYOD is beyond me. There isn't that much band overlap between them and Verizon, but just the PCS alone could help them while costing them nothing. As is Sprint phones have a terrible to non-existent resale value and you're forced to buy one if you want to switch...
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    64-Bit Firefox Poised to Launch in the Near Future

    What plug-ins do you run? Some are known to cause high memory consumption (Adblock Plus for one). That isn't to say some people couldn't be running into bugs that affect memory consumption in a bad way, but I think the simpler explanation is usually poorly written plug-ins. At home I have...
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    64-Bit Firefox Poised to Launch in the Near Future

    Pale Moon tracks Firefox's extended support release so new features and performance improvements won't make it in as quickly. It's still not a bad browser from everything I've read, but people should be made aware of that fact.
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    US on Nukes: We’re Keeping Them to Blow Up Asteroids

    Your information is a bit out of date, China has dramatically slowed new coal construction compared to what it was previously and has managed to halt or reverse growth in coal consumption in a number of provinces. Their air and water are still terrible, but they have turned a corner on it at...
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    Linus Torvalds 'Still Wants the Desktop'

    I'd love to hear the ways that Unity, or GNOME 3, or Enlightenment, or FVWM are copying the Windows GUI. Care to name some? Heck, not even KDE 4 or XFCE are all that similar to Windows unless you're just talking about the position of the 'X' you use to close open windows.
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    Linus Torvalds 'Still Wants the Desktop'

    Heck no. The /etc/sudoers file exists, it's far more fine-grained and should be used, not a blanket administrator permission. Permission inheritance can be achieved through recursive ACLs. If any of this is too difficult (and it shouldn't be) there are a number of configuration management...
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    US Social Security Wasted $300 Million on an IT Boondoggle

    If you think that's bad you should look up the budget for some of the stuff the DoD works on. I'm aware of one program that has been in the works for going on 15 years and still isn't meeting expectations.
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    Sony “Danced In The Aisles” When They Heard The Xbox One Price

    You thought wrong. By any reasonable measure the PS4 has done excellently, no console prior had tracked like it did through this April 6th (7M+ sold through) and the Xbox One is only seen as a failure because it didn't match that performance, taken on its own it has done well also. There...
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    Texas Sets New Wind Power Record

    If only. Since they're not, I'll just have to hold out hope that solar continues to drop in price and wind goes from being competitive with coal without subsidies to being competitive with natural gas without subsidies.
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    New Glitch Hits Site

    So let me get this straight: You're complaining about socialism while being employed by and presumably having the vast majority of your basic expenses paid by one of the (if not THE) largest taxpayer-funded institutions in the United States? Makes sense. You don't have the moral high...
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    New Glitch Hits Site

    Have your cedar box lined up? It'll be awfully hard to afford anything better with all that medical debt.