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    CCFL/WLED/GB-R-LED eye comfort for you

    I'm using CCFL but it's got PWM and I think this is what's causing some eye fatigue for me.
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    WD Red drives?

    Aside from the added warranty, I doubt the RE4 drives will have more to offer.
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    Dell U2713 coming soon

    Engadget says it's AH-IPS:
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    It's common on a lot of IPS monitors, but with a bit of luck you won't get one that's too noticeable.
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    What's your pick for a hosting service?

    Pretty bad idea, try to stay away from anything promising "unlimited space/bandwidth/etc" as there's usually a clause saying they can kick you out whenever they feel you're using too many resources.
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    3820 for cheap

    It's a shame they do this in-store thing only.
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    RIM's Former CEO Had Radical Plan to Save Company

    BBs are free because they're cheaper to absorb, as opposed to an iphone which is ~3 times the price.
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    Max Payne 3 Video Shows Off Bullet Time

    If the herbs are good enough you can play the game without a PC :D
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    Windows OS

    Convert it to WMV or mp4 and it should work fine. Also, what's the deal with watching movies on your phone?
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    Upgrading my SSD. Opinions on SATA II or III

    The important question is: do you need the extra read speed offered by SATA3?
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    Zuckerberg Must Be Driving His Bankers Crazy

    Down has been up in the US for quite a while now.
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    Which CPU cooler?

    Both memory options have lifetime warranty, and the heatspreader on the mushkin isn't very tall. I guess it depends if you like the Mushkin enough to spend extra on it, because it's not really different aside from looks.
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    Max Payne 3 Video Shows Off Bullet Time

    So you don't use a key game feature because you think it's for consoles? T_T
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    Best videocard under 300$

    Another recommendation for a decent 448 TI with good cooling instead of a hot&loud 580.