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    Bookshelf speaker upgrade question

    Good Morning, My current audio set up for my computer is a pair of M-Audio AV42s and a Polk PSW10 subwoofer off of an audio splitter out of the computer, for about the last decade+. This set up works OK though long in the tooth, except that I have to manually switch off the sub if I put...
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    PC speakers w/scratching sound replaced – same issue

    So this likely won't help, but let me relate to you the dumb self-fail reason that was causing the scratching in my speakers... I discovered that some of the time when I was sitting down to use my computer I would toss my cell phone onto the desk too close a speaker. Something about the cell...
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    Looking for 10" gaming tablet, $250 or less. this is on sale today at $280 fwiw. 3Camels says its as cheap as it has been on amazon.
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    Light weight but still good to build in case recommendation?

    Good morning all! I am on the cusp of building a new (edit: air cooled) computer soon. One of the major hiccups of my last build is that I used a CM 690 case and the thing weighs a ton. A couple years ago we had to evacuate due to a fire and it was not easy to quickly heave the tower into the...
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    Building a new gaming computer, thoughts/recs? Budget: under $1,500, not counting gpu

    Done and done, not that much more.
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    Building a new gaming computer, thoughts/recs? Budget: under $1,500, not counting gpu

    Thanks so much everyone for the feedback. Here is my revised parts list: Basically bumped up the PSU to 750w to leave headroom for a 3000 series GPU down the road, lumped on some more ram of a better manufacturer for the hell of it, and a better motherboard...
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    Building a new gaming computer, thoughts/recs? Budget: under $1,500, not counting gpu

    So given what we learned today, how do folks feel about forging ahead on an intel chip? Or do I wait a month and try to pick up a Ryzen 5 5600X instead?
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    Building a new gaming computer, thoughts/recs? Budget: under $1,500, not counting gpu

    Thanks! Budgetary wise I'd like to keep it under $1,500, and am not motivated to spend money just to spend money if the sweet spot is lower. The current parts list I have listed comes in at about $950 ish according to pcpartspicker. I will nudge up the PSU and will definitely wait and see until...
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    Building a new gaming computer, thoughts/recs? Budget: under $1,500, not counting gpu

    Hiya, I am finally building myself a new gaming computer and upgrading from my venerable old i7 920. My initial plan is to (for now) continue to use my GTX 1060 and my two ASUS VG248QE 24" 1920x1080 144Hz monitors. This is what I am considering for the rest of the components. Thoughts...
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    Random Disconnect-like Sound

    That sound kind of reminds me of one of the beboops that Discord makes for certain notifications. You don't use discord, do you? Also, if you weren't certain it was coming from your speakers I would think that someone had pranked you with a ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron.
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Man... these chips are almost irresistibly tempting for me, since I am currently on a C0 i7 920. $30 to $60 bucks for an x5670, $120 for a used x5690 on ebay. However, googling my specific motherboard as relates to these fills me with some dread on this. I am running a Gigabyte UD4P, Rev 1.0. I...
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    i7 920 Stuck at 12x multiplier

    Hah no kidding. I had already started shopping for an x5650 or x5670 to drop into the system. It is amazing how cheap they have gotten. I will see if I can control the itch for a while more, it doesn't feel necessary... yet.
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    Would a new video card help me or is my bottleneck elsewhere?

    Nowinstock is starting to show some of the small form factor single fan 6gb 1060s showing up at normal MSRP (like this one for $269: at least at the time of this post) Is there any big reason to buy the double fan version rather than the single fan...
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    i7 920 Stuck at 12x multiplier

    So I went back to one of the first Windows 10 versions (1.73) and... drumroll... My multipliers are now being reported properly in CPU-Z. I cannot BELIEVE how much time I spent in the last 24 hours fighting with a ghost problem. I put a very mild overclock on the chip to test (21x multiplier...
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    i7 920 Stuck at 12x multiplier

    I am starting to wonder if it isn't as you guys said and CPU-Z is the problem. Task Manager while Prime95 is firing indicates the multiplier kicking in and bumping to 2.77 ghz rather than throttling at 1.66 ghz. Have I literally been lead on a wild goose chase for a perfectly normally performing...