Light weight but still good to build in case recommendation?


Limp Gawd
Feb 12, 2009
Good morning all!
I am on the cusp of building a new (edit: air cooled) computer soon. One of the major hiccups of my last build is that I used a CM 690 case and the thing weighs a ton. A couple years ago we had to evacuate due to a fire and it was not easy to quickly heave the tower into the trunk of the car while I was rushing to load other stuff and warning our neighbors they had to go.

So... for my next build I'd like to look into using a lighter weight case as a starting point. Other things I'd like:
  • Easy to build in
  • Good airflow
  • has a front side 5.25 drive bay for a blu ray/dvd drive (I know, I know physical media in 2020 but I've found it useful to have).
  • Clear side panel
  • Price: under $150 if possible.

The CM690 weighs in at 9.8 kg empty (21.6 lbs) according to it's spec sheet. Right now I have specced out my next build with a Phanteks Enthoo Pro M TG case, but that is still fairly hefty weighing in at 7.4 kg (16.3 lbs). While that is an improvement it is still kind of a chonker. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!

Note - roughly the rest of the specs of the system are as follows here: The GPU will be a 1060 for now, to be upgraded to a 3000 series next year when they become more available.
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