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    Windows 10 released early!

    Hopefully Windows 8 prices will drop. I need one for my gaming rig.
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    Virtual surround questions

    I'm considering the Steelseries H wireless. Mostly because I can hook up my PS4 to it as well, it's wireless and comes with two 20 hr batteries. It also allows analogue or USB input as well as optical...but i don't have optical out. So I may just use USB. It says it uses Dolby headphone and...
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    Virtual surround questions

    I can't put an audio card in mine, it's not that kind of PC. But thanks, I always left Windows at default. So I'll set windows to 7.1. But seems odd they would make it so convoluted like that. My audio software also has similar options too so it just makes everything confusing. I guess I'll use...
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    Virtual surround questions

    Creative uses the MB3 is that better than Dolby's?
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    Virtual surround questions

    Basically I'm buying a new gaming headset. I currently have the Astro A40's but they broke plus I don't think the virtual audio aspect of it worked right...or I never had it setup right. So I don't know much about this stuff so forgive any ignorance if my question doesn't make any sense...
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    Introducing the Steam Controller

    Xbox controller sucks for camera movement. An analogue stick just isn't precise enough. I think a thumb trackpad solution is the only plausible means to use for looking around besides a mouse but kb/mouse on a couch sucks so that is why this exists. It's not intended to make you a Quake 3...
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    The New Super High Resolution PC Screenshot Thread

    Lol, the grass is amazingly terrible in Witcher 3. Looks as bad or maybe a bit worse than vanilla Oblivion from 8 years ago. wow, even COD 4 did it better.
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    Umbra Kickstarter looks sick! CryEngine ARPG.

    I wouldn't donate any money towards it. There are plenty of great arpg's already and I don't see anything special enough about this one to differentiate what is already a saturated genre.
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    The next NCASE project: a Steam Machine-style case (indeterminate)

    I really like my G20, despite the size they did an excellent job with directing heat out. I just wish I didn't get this PNY 970 card.
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    Details of Free Windows 10 Update Become a Little Clearer

    If you have 8.1 installed and you download W10, can you opt to reformat the drive or will the only option be to upgrade over the existing? I ask because I always have issues with upgrading over existing plus theres the old windows folder that's a pain to delete. I am happy to hear that they...
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    Project CARS Devs Address AMD Performance Issues

    This is why i buy Nvidia cards.
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Haven't played it all week, got bored with it after the first heist mission last weekend.
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Crashes for me on the second mission where you choose a car to steal with that other black guy. Either as soon as I choose a car or during the race to get to the dealer.
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    Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop i3/GTX860 = $399

    minimum 18 frames? ouch. It''s the minimums that matter most because they are the experience breakers. I already play my PC on my 55" TV with a wireless controller. Why would I buy this when I have a G20 with SSD and 970GTX sitting right next to my PS4? I was just saying I'd rather get the...
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    Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop i3/GTX860 = $399

    I want to play games like GTA 5 fully maxed out so a high end card is always a must for me. Otherwise I'd just get it for my PS4.