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    Help cant find replacement

    Hmm.. was hoping to find it in a shop like newegg or tigerdirect so I can overnight or two day ship it. Maybe ill order one of these from ebay..
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    Help cant find replacement

    Hey guys I have an abit ip35 motherboard for my c2q Q6600 that i fried last night with a failed flash. Well now my problem is that I can't find a decent replacement online?? I have been looking at the major online retailers. All the lga 775 mobos i find are ich7 which does not support ahci...
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    Slow Performance - win7 64, x4 955, 9600gt

    Yeah I guess that does make sense. Man, what a screw job :P Guess its time to finally look into neweggs return policy... wish i had noticed it was ddr2 I'm gonna O/C the 955 once I get everything else straight so that should also boost it considerably
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    Slow Performance - win7 64, x4 955, 9600gt

    I checked and he does have phys-x installed and enabled, ran the test again and still the same. These scores just seem way way too low even if the vid card has slower ram BTW, thx for help so far. Good call on the memory I didn't notice and mine is ddr3.
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    Slow Performance - win7 64, x4 955, 9600gt

    You think that would cause his 3dmark video to be 1/4 and his proc to be 1/2 my score?
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    Slow Performance - win7 64, x4 955, 9600gt

    Also, my pc scores 5.9 for aero graphics
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    Slow Performance - win7 64, x4 955, 9600gt

    I'm wondering if this is an issue with win7 and 9600gt or maybe the motherboard and the 9600gt
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    Slow Performance - win7 64, x4 955, 9600gt

    Ok I just helped my roommate build a budget gaming pc and this is what we got. Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-MA770T-UD3P AM3 Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 Proc: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz Socket AM3 125W Video: ECS N9600GT-1GMS-F GeForce...
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    Good/Favorite/Best Windows Mobile 6.1 Phone

    I got the Omnia and its a nice phone with a good price. I paid 150 with a contract and that went down to 80 after rebates. The interface works well and I have had good battery life.
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    Definitely nothing "arcadey" about Madden '09

    "But considering Ware is the best OLB/pass rusher in the NFL it's pretty fake." hahahaha... overrated Anyway, you can get sacks, you really have to blitz tho. I really like the pocket passing/blitzing in this game. It feels a lot more real. I have had 5 sack games. I have also had games...
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    Using a stereo headset with 360

    I use this. Its for plugging 5.1 into stereo output, and I use it for my 5.1 speakers when using my pc monitor for my xbox. You can plug headphones into it also, just use one of the jacks. You can't adjust volume but its at a good level and it works fine for me. I bought it from that...
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    Suggest a team for Madden Franchise?

    I'm a pats fan but I like to use lower end teams for my franchise, using the 9ers this year. Patrick Willis is a beast. Be sure to do whatever you can to get rid of Alex Smith, hes an expensive pile of poo. I traded for Quinn
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    GTA 4 question

    Or go to the dealership on the middle island, good place to get a "ferrari"
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    Question about GTA4 for XBox 360 owners

    I'm over 20 hours into GTA and not a single freeze or crash. Xbox is the older core with hdmi. I think it was made in Aug 07
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    Expirience of "high" Gaming

    You play any other way?