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    Logitech Switch Issues

    After literally decades of using Logitech peripherals I'm incredibly disappointed that I've had two G903's go bad on me in a row and their support has gone from being the best to some of the worst. I haven't really shopped the other companies in awhile, is anyone making a really quality...
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    Best Use of $600 - RTX 2070?

    He usually only uses one screen for games.
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    Best Use of $600 - RTX 2070?

    He's not upgrading monitors right now because he's got 3 of them and wants to do them all at once. According to him that will be April-ish.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Pricing and Performance Leaked

    I wish someone else would get I to this market. I get why they don't, but I feel like the average consumer is taking it in the shorts due to a serious lack of competition. When you can get an i7, decent main board, ram and an SSD for less than the price of a decent video card, something is wrong.
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    Best Use of $600 - RTX 2070?

    Thanks! I don't have the time to hit up the deal sites too much but I should clue him in on where they are (except our hotdeals forum...I'm not sure he's ready to read some of the stuff his mother has posted in Genmay). Maybe if he buys this now I can "buy" it from him later for his sister or...
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    Best Use of $600 - RTX 2070?

    With all of the mining going on, isn't used a bit risky now days?
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    Best Use of $600 - RTX 2070?

    Sticking with a 1080p for the moment, but would like to do 4k at some point. He's aware that will take another GPU investment.
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    Best Use of $600 - RTX 2070?

    My son (17) is in the process of building his own rig and wanted to do it with money he's earned on his own. He's got most of the other components nailed down but we've been going back and forth on the video card situation. He's got a budget of about $600, which he could use to grab an RTX...
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    hitman first level free today

    Title fixed. :)
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    Vega Rumors

    I just banned a bunch of folks. If you'd like to join them, simply continue to derail the thread with personal attacks and name calling and I'll be happy to oblige.
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    Compressed air can only do so much.

    New challenge: Take them through a carwash! :)
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    New G903

    I just picked up a Logitech G903 last night when my beloved G700 decided left click wasn't important to me anymore. I've only had it a short time, but it's definitely my new favorite mouse. You have the option of having the "forward/backward" thumb buttons on either side of the mouse OR you...
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    Nintendo Isn't Worried about the Dead Pixels on Your Switch

    I saw a couple sitting on a shelf at Target and thought about grabbing one, but none of the news has me really excited for it and I figured I'd leave them there for someone who was really searching. We've actually enjoyed the Wii U since it's pretty much the only platform to provide couch co-op...
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    Two Dell U2412M w/Dual Monitor Stand for $152.99

    Moved this to Hot Deals Discussions.
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    Two Dell U2412M w/Dual Monitor Stand for $152.99

    These are great 16:10 monitors (1920x1200) and a great deal for two for less of the price of one. Use code SAVETEN to get it down to $152...pretty smoking in my opinion.