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    List of Dual GPU cards.

    Does the rage fury maxx count? edit: not to mention the obsidian cards :P
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    Upgrade from Athlon X3

    I agree with the 965. Adding the L3 cache will make a nice difference, as will the extra clocks. It's one of my favorite AMD cpus. The extra core won't hurt, but in the end I think the cache and clocks will help more for gaming, although I guess it depends on what game you're playing too.
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    Is this!!!??

    You know, actually I just asked myself why there were so few benchmarks for BF3 on the CPU side. I have found my answer: It doesn't depend on the CPU so much, so so long as you're not hurting on the single threaded side too much...
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    Is this!!!??

    The G850 wasn't available 5 years ago, and the 6600 was a monster processor for its time with a really long lifespan. It'd have been hard to go wrong with it. When it comes to gaming, the 965 and the 2100 are pretty close. You could go with either one and get good performance. If you do more...
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    Is this!!!??

    I would not rely on overclocking. Do you have a PC you can use in the interim? I'd see if you can trade some of your parts, there are plenty of UK gamers around. I think there are even some UK specific PC forums, that might make trading easier. Here's what I'd do: with the way ram prices are...
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    Is this!!!??

    Yeah, for 100 dollars just get an i3 2100. If you're going AMD, even a 965 would be better than an FX-4100. For just a little more, you could probably get a low end sandy bridge quad. Something like an i3 2300 would kick the pants out of both of those CPUs.
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    looking for budget motherboard/cpu combo, preferably 1155,

    So, the motherboard in my aunt's computer died. I decided it would be better to try and upgrade it than just replace the motherboard, so I'm on the hunt. It looks like I can get something like a celeron G530 and an entry level H61 motherboard for the 100 ish range between sites like newegg and...
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    Still hunting for a motherboard... polling for mATX 775 or AM2+

    So, my motherboard died on me and I'm looking for another one. I could go AMD or intel, but I need it to be cheap... so 40 shipped to 31721 is the cap right now. I'm looking for mATX and something better than a 945 chipset in intel, and something that will support AM2+(I know some boards support...
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    1978 Fairchild game system in orig box $80

    You should try posting that up on atariage. They'll eat something like that right up.
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    Super need: AM2+ motherboard, nothing fancy

    last bump before I go ahead and get something
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    Super need: AM2+ motherboard, nothing fancy

    I need an AM2+ motherboard on a budget price. Just needs to support an athlon 640 X4 (95W) Motherboard died :(
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    buying all your 5770s and 5830s

    I thought the bitcoin boom was over? Is it still going?
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    AMD already has a quad core with similar or better IPC. The 4100 doesn't change much.
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    Prediciton: [H] gonna crash at 11:01pm - Yes, No???

    hot hardware is up.