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    Asrock z77 itx is out

    After reading most of this thread, I decided to go with, the Asrock Z77 itx Are there any issues with the, Zalman CNPS20LQ backplate? Thanks
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    1156 gene III question

    A 6990 on the second x16 doesn't seem to power up the board The reason is because, the 4x slot is reserved for a sata 6 card and, the 6990 in the first x16 blocks it (the 4x slot) Is there a workaround on this issue?
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    GTX 690 only 1 mini display

    Thanks for all, the replies.... Just wondering because my Visiontek 6990 on another rig has 4 mini displays *2 active and 2 passive* and 1 DVI-I Quite impressive being a semi old card :)
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    GTX 690 only 1 mini display

    Why Nvidia went with 3 DVIs and only 1 mini display? Why didn't they put in 4 mini displays?
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    Zotac Z77 ITX Wifi

    A subpar product Avoid at all costs
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    EVGA GTX 690 is live on Newegg

    Whoa there! You think, I'm a dumb enthusiast because, I bought a i7-3960X??
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    EVGA GTX 690 is live on Newegg

    Newegg is NOT forcing them, it's their choice Live and let live
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    will you be getting Ivy Bridge?

    Nope. I went with the 2011 socket (SB-E 3.3) early on and never looked back
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    Asus RMA=Unacceptable and Appalling

    I'm at a loss for words; I'm really not sure what to think of this. ... I've had zero problems with them.