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    Official World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Litch King Thread

    haha, mage QQ. gotta love it. :rolleyes: Im not sure if anyone has noticed, but every class thinks they are "underpowered" and "broken." So.. before you play 3-4 different classes in end game pvp, you'd best keep the complaining to yourself. ;)
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Guess I better enter just for fun :)
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. Buy some ram and a am2 motherboard(from newegg of course) and replace my 754 system.Then I would overclock it on my custom water loop and play some Crysis :D 2. The AMD Phenom
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    How well does the Crysis demo run on your system?

    With the system in my sig I play at 1680 x1050 all low settings. Pretty sure I'm CPU limited. Good ole single core A64 just isnt cutting it anymore. :(
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    UT3 demo by tomorrow...10/12

    I get a installation error just after it finishes extracting. :( Any Ideas? Running XP x64 here.
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    Last level in HL:E2 got you down? read this...

    That is the level I'm on right now, and running over the hunters has been my strategy the whole time. :D My only problem was when I was inside a building getting supplies, I walked out the door only to see a strider getting ready to fire. Ouch. :eek:
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    What sensitivity setting do you use in Halo 3?

    In FPS games I use default, but if I'm ever flying anything, inverted is a must. :) I think I'm at 6 right now, will crank it up to 9 or 10 as soon as I get used to using a gamepad again. :cool:
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    Official Team Fortress 2 Thread

    This has been happening to me to the last couple years. :(
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    Preorder Orange Box - Play TF2 Beta Sept 17

    Sweet, just got my pre-purchase in. :D Episode 2 is worth the $45 to me, TF2 and portal are just icing on the cake. :p
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    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo coming Monday

    Game doesn't even launch for me.. lol :p
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    Your Top 3 PC games?

    Half Life 2 Counter Strike: Source World of Warcraft ;)
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    Love your socket 754?

    Page 100 :P
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    [H]ard Gaming Awards: Graphics

    My vote goes to Half Life 2/Episode 1. I love the look and animations of the source engine. Far Cry and Oblivion are tied for second place. Crysis when if comes out should top everything for a long time, including U3.
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    New pc game?leaving CSS

    I'm pretty sure UT2004 has native widescreen support. :confused:
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    Half Life 2 + 360 controller That might do it. ;)