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    why does intel not make gpus?

    Every company cannot do anything. GPU development and manufacturing is an investment intensive process, you must have capital up-front, plus you compete against Nvidia that already has a huge head start. The board would probably not approve such decision, because the risks involved are too...
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    can you mine on a gpu that has artifact

    BTW you could forget about RMA, because mining voids your warranty, the EULA specifically says that. Plus this specific card looked like not only it was used to mine crypto (that would be obvious), but that it was used to mine coal, serving as a shovel blade on a wooden shaft. The manufacturer...
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    what to do?

    I tell you what to do. As others said, don't neglect the PSU!!! Really - when I was young and stupid, I was building a computer for a girl that is now my wife, and I used a cheap Morex PSU (she was on a budget, so I said hey, it's good enough for an office computer), and it burnt all the...
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    have you gotten your new NVidia/AMD upgrade card yet? Why not?

    Well, I joined to discuss a specific technical problem, I did discuss it, and then I had no more questions, so I was sort of absent. I was lurking for a long time in the threads about OLED and displays, because I wanted to have an OLED gaming monitor since 2008. It was really my long term wish...
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    have you gotten your new NVidia/AMD upgrade card yet? Why not?

    I have bought a 3080Ti just a few weeks ago, right after Chinese govt announced its move against crypto and the prices started falling, and actual cards became available in official Czech distribution. It was all rather dramatic - first, I have won an auction on eBay for a 3090 for cca 47000CZK...
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    3080Ti core@75C and mem@85C sustainable?

    Okay, thank you, guys. I was taught in the old days: "Aim at having the hottest spot of your system 70C max. Anything beyond that wears your components and will eventually cause unrecoverable damage and hardware failure". But perhaps new materials and technologies mean higher temperatures are...
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    3080Ti core@75C and mem@85C sustainable?

    Oh, and I was surprised that the fans are running only at 57% of the max RPM. Should not they speed up, when the card overheats?
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    3080Ti core@75C and mem@85C sustainable?

    Hello, I have a problem to discuss, if you would be so kind. Bought a new Palit 3080Ti, have been trying it under load - Hunt Showdown long hours of gaming at 4K res, 120Hz. I was surprised by the high GPU temperature, especially the memory. Is it sustainable long term (3 to 5 years), or am...
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    UN40JU7100 slowly failing. Should I replace or fix?

    I have just written of my old Eizo 2421, because a black spot started to grow from the lower edge at one point. I sent the photos to Eizo service shop, and they told me that it's probably the pixel matrix disintegrating due to heat/age/pressure, but I had 35500 hours on the unit, so they told me...
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    Eizo Foris 2421 keeled over, need advice

    Okay, for those who like narrations with endings - after reading quadzillion of reviews, I finally bought the LG 32GK850G, because it was heavily discounted (last panel in the shop), and I have decided that GSYNC is the most important part of the mosaic, and this monitor did not seem to have any...
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    How is the 32" Q50R QLED?

    Does the backlight use PWM for brightness control?
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    Eizo Foris 2421 keeled over, need advice

    How about this one? LG 32GK850G The review claims contrast is really 3000:1
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    Perfect scaling (doublescan)

    Logic would suggest that when the monitor resolution is just 2x the resolution of the output (For example, the output is 1920x1080, and the monitor resolution was 4K), Each pixel of the output will be displayed as 2x2 pixels on the monitor, and the result would be a pixel-perfect, sharp image...
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    Eizo Foris 2421 keeled over, need advice

    Could a mod move it over to Displays? Thanks.
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    Eizo Foris 2421 keeled over, need advice

    Hello, my 7 years old, beloved 2421 started showing dark spot onscreen, so it's sadly time to look for a new panel. The offers are overwhelming, so I thought of making a shortcut by having someone in the know (you guys) recommending me some tried and tested models. What was important for me...