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    WordPress Question

    I was hired as a remote marketing manager for a nonprofit whose website is in shambles. Instead of trying to fix it, I would like to create a new site for them from the ground up. Can I create my own WordPress account and build the site, then upload the pages to the nonprofit's account to...
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    Lube a Gateron Low Profile Switch?

    I really liked it at first. But it felt like the keys were increasingly stiffening as I used it. That could just be the one I got. Anyway, I returned it simply because I missed standard switches too much. But the K1 is indeed a solid, if not the most efficient, low profile board. Anyone looking...
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    Lube a Gateron Low Profile Switch?

    Has anyone successfully lubed these switches? They are on the Keychron K1 V4. Mine are not hot swappable. Unlike traditional switches, there's no accessible recessed area when the switch is depressed. It looks like I should be able to pop out the colored portion that sits on the spring, lube the...
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    Question for Doss Soundbox XL Owners

    I understand that a lot of folks use the Soundbox XL with their PC's. I'm using mine with a TV in our living room, but that's beside the point. Before buying, I made sure there was a way to disable the speaker's auto-off feature. This involved reaching out to Doss who sent me a file to update...
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    Logitech G815 G915 Alternative?

    As a writer who's always looking for a greater typing experience, I absolutely flipped over the new clicky variant of these keyboards. Since I've been away from mechanical boards for a bit and have been using the equivalent of Apple's Magic Keyboard, the low profile switches just felt heavenly...
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    Cannot connect NAS WD Red drive

    Update. Still can't get anything to read the contents of the hard drive. I examined its condition more closely and even listened to it with a stethoscope. No clicking, no beeping, no evidence of an impact whatsoever. When I connect it to my PC, it spins just as smoothly as one would expect...
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    Cooling with Noctua

    Thanks! I wasn't going to put the adapter on the CPU fan. Just curious if using the "ultra low noise" 700rpm adapter with the two 120mm fans would still blow plenty of air into the case. Doing that alone might give me the quiet I'm looking for.
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    Cannot connect NAS WD Red drive

    Still not accessing the drive, even with the Diskinternals app. A friend’s Linux laptop couldn’t read it either. This has me thinking that my moving it around has caused something inside to become out of whack. Still, there is no clicking or beeping sound when I plug it up. It spins just as...
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    Cooling with Noctua

    Corsair Carbide Air 240 ASRock 775M Core i5 2380 (no OC) w/ Freezer 7 Pro GTX 980 My rig is in a finished basement that stays fairly cool year round. I play games very infrequently, but use it quite often for music production. I’m also a writer and am planning to record my first audiobook. So...
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    Cannot connect NAS WD Red drive

    Not yet but I'll be making an attempt this afternoon. According to what I've read, Windows rejects it because WD formats all their MyCloud NAS drives with Linux partitions. So, I'm having to install a Linux file system reader for Windows. I also have to connect the drive to my board via SATA...
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    Cannot connect NAS WD Red drive

    I thought it would be that easy. It is an NAS hard drive, WD Red 4TB. While it was working, I can only access it through WD’s desktop app via password. My guess is that the drive requires that password entry and I can no longer access it over the network. I’m going to try and connect it to a...
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    Cannot connect NAS WD Red drive

    I purchased a 4TB WD MyCloud a couple of years ago and it recently failed. I read that the issue is likely with the enclosure, so I opened it, removed the drive and then connected it to my Windows 10 rig via a powered USB HD adapter. The HD is spinning as expected, but Windows will not...
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    'New Senders ' Folder in Outlook

    Back in March, our business experienced a server hiccup that resulted in it being reset. Ever since then, a 'New Senders' folder under each of my accounts has been catching every incoming email. These folders appear to be subfolders in each of my inboxes that I can't get rid of despite having...
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    Attn: Excel Gurus

    I have a list of items that I reference by number. Example below. I would like to type the number of an item into a cell and have the item name appear in its place. I type "3" and "Poplar" appears. This seems like it would be very simple, but I haven't found the formula. Any help would be...
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    Hyperlink Hell (Excel)

    Good to know. Thanks for the help!!!!