Logitech G815 G915 Alternative?


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Oct 12, 2006
As a writer who's always looking for a greater typing experience, I absolutely flipped over the new clicky variant of these keyboards. Since I've been away from mechanical boards for a bit and have been using the equivalent of Apple's Magic Keyboard, the low profile switches just felt heavenly. I just wish I could say the same for the aesthetics of these new Logitechs. Why on earth must all these great products be geared toward gamers? After all, their numbers suffer greatly in comparison to typists and writers who'll not give these RGB eyesores a second glance. I'd kill for one of these boards in an 87-key variant and in a more elegant package. And I know there are some out there, but there's no outlet for trying them out before you buy them.

Can anyone recommend a similar more compact board? I hear the Keychron K1 is worth trying out, but I'm not sold on the reviews I've seen.



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Sep 24, 2001
Ugh, I just replied to your other thread Jellyfishpudding . I too am looking for solid reviews on the K1, and it's hard to pull the trigger.
Certainly I can't find another board of it's type. Full size, low profile, browns, mechanical, macOS integration. I may just pull the trigger, I don't think there is anything anywhere close for the price and features.

EDIT: Was looking to pull the trigger tonight. Turns out 104, brown is OOS. Actually all the 104's are out of stock (except blue white led).
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May 12, 2015
I have the K2 from Keychron and it is great. works perfect with MBPs. It is not a smaller form factor but if you do not need the numpad, you can get used to it since it still has the arrow, page up+down keys.