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    How Long Did It Take To Install Windows 8?

    About 3 hours Installed windows 8 = 45 minutes constant blue screen installed windows 7 Again = 45 minutes
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    Barnes & Noble Warns Of Credit Card Breach

    What the hell is a book?
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    Intel Turns Any Wall into a Touch Screen Display with Kinect

    If I were to turn my wall into a windows 8 display, I'm afraid I would have to burn my house down to refresh the display.
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    Texting While Driving FAIL of the Week

    And the bastard lived. Anyone who texts and drives (plays with the radio, talks on the phone, shaves, handles a big gulp, ect) should be sterilized before they can breed into the world. If you cause an accident while doing said things, instant and permanent removal of license in all 50 states.
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    Government Wants Your Feedback on the TSA

    Disband the TSA When you sacrifice Liberty for security, you get neither. (The Backscatter rigs can be beaten by a loose fitting shirt.)
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    Some Ohio Schools Ban All Tech In The Classroom

    I grew up in the apple II crowd. Associates degree in c++ before it was taken over. Net Plus, A+ and certifications in hp & cisco. I now run a retail company that has one computer for checking prices. We have NO point of sale system. We have NO digital ordering system. The most advanced...
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    T-Mobile Drops Throttling for Overage Fees

    This is why I have a phone. nothing more. I have used 0.0kb since 2001 with the same plan.
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    Free-to-Play Game Releases $500 Gun

    I don't think I paid $500 for any of my real world guns. I think the most was my SR-9 at $449
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    Wall Outlet With Built-In USB Charger

    These things are an ok idea. I don't much care for energy efficiency. When these finally catch on in a big way, (new houses all having them) they will probably be pulled from the market after someone's crotch fruit sticks a car key in one and burns the house down. I imagine there is some...
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    please and thank you

    please and thank you
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    Video Game Selling In-Game Gun for $60?

    I brought a stripped lower for a real one for $90 so I think I'll pass on the virtual one.
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    XP Finally Loses the OS Crown

    I only have one win 7 machine. 3 laptops & 1 desktop running xp 1 win 98 still running (I need 98 for my surveillance rig at work.)
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    Samsung Reaches 1TB Per Disk Platter

    I generally don't care about the speed of the drive. 5400 rpm is good for movies / music. I'd be weary of putting anything I care about on a drive that size without an equal size backup. I've lost one to many home videos to hard drive crashes. (I was young and stupid about backups)
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    Hack-Proof PS3 In Development?

    A seven year old can hack a damn Sony product. The little bastard can figure out how to install homebrew on the wii but I still have to make his lunches.
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    LEDs Filled with Toxic Substances

    Deal with lead on a daily basis here. I have for 20 years. Never once score high on the tests they give me. No gloves, respirators, or eye wear. My dad doesn't either, he's worked at the same place for 35 years. Gun range FTW. non-updated filtration system. Grandfathered into every EPA law.