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    Z170 Skylake motherboards with LLC? Making a list...

    I have the gaming pro carbon. Pretty sure it's the exact same as gaming pro just blacked out. It has LLC...
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    P8Z77-V LK LAN issue

    So my motherboard LAN went out the other day. I'm guessing after a thunderstorm a few days before. I wasn't using the rig all week. I got a LAN card I had lying around and stuck it in and everything is working fine but the onboard LAN chip (Realtek) is CRAZY hot, like I can't put my finger on it...
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    can't make posts

    OK I'm not sure Wat happened. Works now. I've tried about 5 times in the last month all of which did the same thing. Maybe a glitch because I clocked post reply then signed in then it would load to the page that says I don't have permission. Oh well, thanks guys.
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    can't make posts

    If i click reply in a thread in say the video card section it goes to a screen that says I do not have permission. Has 2 reasons.
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    can't make posts

    Haven't been around for a while but last like 5 times I've signed in I haven't been able to make posts.
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    What GPUs to combine with Skylake PCI Exp 4 and DDR4?

    First off pcie 3 doesn't have any gains over 2 unless running quad sli. No way 4 is gonna make a diff unless some REALLY fast cards come out and your running 4 of them with 3x4k surround lol. As for ddr4 I doubt there will be a diff over 3 considering the 3000mhz+ capable on newest i5/i7.
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    crash and burn

    PNY should take care of it. Every other card burn up thread is asus. Good luck from them lol.
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    Best socket 2011 board for Tri-fire R9 290x

    X79-deluxe. Love this board. Supports tri cards and looks really good. Stay off the gigabyte there vrm cooling sux.
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    ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition Motherboard Review @ [H]

    A lot of people don't realize the reason these newer boards were released on x79. Like the black and the x79-deluxe. The earlier x79 boards had vrm throttling issues because of the small cluster at the top. My p9x79 had it bad enough I had to Jimmy rig a fan mount over the vrm sink. That was...
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    Z77 Sabertooth or Maximus V Gene?

    Why replace it. Your not going to gain any performance ?
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    MSI N770 2GD5/OC is a *reference PCB* !

    I googled that card. seams to be a hidden gem. by the looks of the fins behind the fan it has a reference titan/780 cooler under that shroud. can you provide some pics.
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    R340? drivers to deliver large performance boosts for nvidia cards

    ^^^ agreed. all fanboy vs fanboy. everyone thought nvidia was just going to roll over and let mantle be "the future of gaming". mantle paved the way for good things to come. only thing I care about is the ability to stay at 120fps in games. hope this does it.
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    Asrock removes supported CPUs, years after release.

    Clearly asrock has had issues and they're doing a favor to the consumer by removing the compatibility of these cpus that suck way too much power then they should. Intel using half the power and significantly faster. It's AMD fault not asrock. Clearly they have issues so they are doing this to...
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    ASUS Z77 Sabertooth CPU socket pin broke off completely...

    Lol ya but ram channel a is probably not working because of the broken pin. Y would u put it together if it had a bent pin when you opened it. We're you on crack at the time ?
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    GTX570 SLI

    That's about 770 range.