P8Z77-V LK LAN issue

Sep 16, 2012
So my motherboard LAN went out the other day. I'm guessing after a thunderstorm a few days before. I wasn't using the rig all week. I got a LAN card I had lying around and stuck it in and everything is working fine but the onboard LAN chip (Realtek) is CRAZY hot, like I can't put my finger on it for more then 3 seconds or it starts to burn. Is this normal running temperature or is it being caused because the chip is screwed ? I just want to know if its safe to run or if I should try and locate a new motherboard. Which is unlikely to happen since its Z77. My main concern is its about 1/2 inch from my gtx 1070 so if it goes up in smoke well that would suck big time. Side note I did disable the chip in BIOS.

Thanks for any help. I'm not sure if this is the temperatures at which they are supposed to operate, but it doesn't seam right to me. Be cool if somebody could check if theirs are running this hot on similar realtek chips. Also the chip stays hot while pc is powered off. Only way it cools off is if I cut power by unplugging or flipping switch on back of PSU.