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    House of Cards: PCIe SSD Performance Roundup @ [H]

    Sir? Bootable by what? :confused: One of these would be nice to have on an X58 mobo, but no-one wants to talk about those … :rolleyes:
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Stop me if you've heard this one before ;) :
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    Detekt: A New Malware Detection Tool

    BSOD 0x124 within seconds of running, on an otherwise stable system. :eek:
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    Ford and General Motors Sued Over ‘CD Ripping Cars’

    Can't tell if AARC has found a brick wall, or Detroit will just cave to get it over with …
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    Chrome Browser Draining PC Batteries for Years

    Sooo this trick isn't universal? And it's actively bad for laptop batteries? Or am I mixed up? :confused:
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    Police Dog That Can Sniff Out Memory Cards

    The way I heard it, most photographers learn slight-of-hand in order to keep the cops from "protecting civies from damage to their calm" … :rolleyes:
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    Cable Companies Faking Consumer Support to End Net Neutrality

    I find this-here AstroTurf disturbing …
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    Recommended Video Card for 3dsmax usage.

    Seems to me you are in need of a highfalutin' workstation card.,3153.html might not be the greatest first stop of reference, but it is very fresh.
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    What's the beefiest/ latest PureVideo card with a S-Video port…

    Ah: But without hundreds of dollars for a HDTV, I'd still have the question about the goof-ball converter box …
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    What's the beefiest/ latest PureVideo card with a S-Video port…

    The relevant things I forget. :o 1920x1080 is the goal; I think I could run 1280x720 before I started tinkering. I've been using the K-Lite Mega, for lack of a better idea; But like I said: madVR calls to me … :p The thing has 4GB of DDR800. (As an aside, I've leared I had the AGP...
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    What's the beefiest/ latest PureVideo card with a S-Video port…

    … You've ever seen, and can you still get it? :confused: So I'm trying to recycle my ~10 year-old Prescott HT 3.2ghz into something to watch streams (and .mkv) on, along with the big CRT in the living room. Well, still trying, actually … When I first started, there was this phase...
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    For Sake of Argument: RST and Timeshifting

    Maybe I haven't' looked hard enough, but I don't think I've ever seen any doctrine on letting the HDD on a timeshifting HTPC go to sleep. I presume one doesn't, as it might screw up the the start of any given recording, even at the risk of burning out the drive and losing everything. So this...
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    Post your Workstation 2012

    [trys to name all the speakers using just The Audiophiliac]
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    Post your Workstation 2012

    This thread needs moar ghetteo: Two SyncMaster F2380s for surfin' and important stuff, and a good ol' fashioned 1800x1440 CRT for gaming. Add in the now 13-year-old 5.1 speaker set up, and you get Old Skool… And the obligatory HAF 932 off to the side beyond the second, comp-specific...