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    Users Report AMD Crimson Driver Heating And Killing GPUs

    I saw this and was thinking this is probably a registry issue from people with prior OC settings and maybe custom overclocking utilities. I mean it sort of seems weird the fix is to turn fan control to auto, when its supposed to be on auto from the onset of installation.
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    Minecraft Player Live Streams House Fire

    Crazy, can't be too hard on him as we all do stupid things sometimes, but I can't forgive the part of his stacking the cardboard on top of the fire to smother it then running off to get literally a handful of water. That's too much.
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    AMD Fury Series is here. Discussion thread.

    That's you and one other guy, which may or may not be you yet again. Also if they're so worried about value, why not a used 290 for $200 or even a 390X at $400? Even a 970 is better value than a 980.
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    AMD Fury Series is here. Discussion thread.

    Oh give it a year, remember when the 780 Ti was way faster than a 290X :). You will be fine.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Video Card Review @ [H]

    It's not a bad card, performance scaling between 1440p and 4k is pretty strange though. Have to believe that drivers will definitely scale the performance higher as times goes on. AMD will probably not even bother touching the price right now with the regular Fury being their volume product...
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    PowerColor's Next-Gen Radeon R9 390X Pictured

    Or at least the 290's. I've been on the fence as the 7970 has lasted for a while :).
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    LG Display Unveils Wallpaper OLED Panel

    Yeah, I'm going to guess this TV will have a 3 year financing option :D.
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    Nvidia Responds To Witcher 3 GameWorks Controversy, PC Gamers On The Offensive

    Hey, this is about making money not ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.
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    Experts Claim SSD's to Out-Price HDD's in 2016 and Beyond

    So should I hold onto my Samsung 830 just a bit longer :)?
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    R9 290's Still a good value? or Wait?

    What is with people and this power comment. Do you guys really think 80 watts more draw will reflect on your power bill? Anyway, I see someone selling retail 290s for $200 on ebay. So tempted to jump on it but I really don't game anything that would require anything more than a 280x.
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    Warm? R9 - 290 $270 @ amazon prime (NO MIR), $250 @ egg, $20 MIR

    Man, have wondered if its even worth it since nothing I really play uses more graphics than what my current card can use. Damn, decisions. The reference designs have been trending in the 250 price on ebay for a while now. Bitcoins is the only coin retaining value so mining is pretty much in...
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    Complex Passwords Aren’t That Much Safer

    You mean the word password isn't enough ;(?
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    Best Buy CEO: Tablet Sales Are Crashing, Hope for PCs

    Some of you guys must live by some horrible Best Buys. I've been to maybe 4 of them throughout my area and its always easy to price match and very little do I have to stand in a long line to return things. Also since Amazon charges tax in Florida now, its pretty convenient to take advantage of...
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    Woman Assaults Man For Taking Pictures With A Drone

    Just turned 17 I mean ;/.