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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Coming in December

    OMG if that was only the case, I would pay for a lifetime subscription. Unfortunately the features that made it great have been ignored. I still plan to play it.
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    Logitech 50% off sale

    I would also be interested in a code. Prospect of saving $70 would be nice.
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    Samsung F1 1TB Drive $169

    Certainly got me thinking.
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    First RMA

    I RMA'd a a board through Giga-byte on 6/7 and am still waiting for its return. Such a hassel, only wish I could have bought a replacement.
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    Greatest Game Ever

    I love the ... game too, thats so amazing we have the same taste in games. :rolleyes:
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 $99 @Best Buy

    Damn sorry I missed it, both for the dupe and could have got my speakers earlier. :D
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 $99 @Best Buy

    I saw this on another site, bought them now offer it up here. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 $99 +Shipping or I went to the store and got it for $92 +Tax
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    GTA4 (What would you like to see in it, or change about it?)

    The only thing I want changed is the way AI is spawned. Same with spawning of vehicles. I'd like a static city everyone has there place and then let them move about it. Not just some random spawns every time you turn around.
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    Dells version of the Raptor 150

    Yea, I should complete a whole thought before I start writing. This gets me in trouble in real life too unfortunatly and I can't edit. Good deal, only wish I didn't already buy my Raptor, ohh well.
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    Dells version of the Raptor 150

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    Raptor 150: 219.99 AR

    Damn Awesome Deal. I will buy another just to put it into a raid 0.
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    So who's preordering D&D:O

    There FAQ does not make a clear distinction in how combat will be implemented. Until I know for sure I will not even consider the game. From the FAQ: This is what worries me. "In our game, player skill means mastering the movement and targeting controls, learning to predict the movements...
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    The Female Form In Gaming

    I just scrolled through that whole article. Not a single pic, wtf?
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    Do you mind in-game advertising?

    I would have to argue against load screen advertising. It would give the game maker to incentive to slow down the loading process.
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    Great, now I'm going to fail my finals

    Edit: Removed Rant.