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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    I was one strange coin away from Ice Breaker, so sad :( At least I'll have enough if it ever pops back in again. Getting all your characters to 20+ really helps in farming strange coins, wish I did it sooner.
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    Good thing their publisher is Activision, kings of DLC pushing! :p
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    It was a 500 million franchise deal that goes over the course of 10 years with multiple sequels and tons of DLC. But, yes I agree with you they could have delivered something a lot better and closer to their roots of Halo.
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    Human Resources - Uber's latest RTS

    This review and this review on Steam cover a lot of gripes with the game. I understand companies can have multiple teams working on multiple projects, but with them starting yet another kickstarter with PA in it's current state is a kick in the pants. I don't like companies using kickstarter...
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    Human Resources - Uber's latest RTS

    I like the art style and the game concept, but I have no faith in Uber delivering a solid product after the Planetary Annihilation mess. Maybe once they patch PA up to the level where it should be I'll consider the purchase.
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    Endless Legend

    Combat is more simple than Fallen Enchantress. You position your troops on the battlefield (elevation is important, not sure about terrain) and select the enemy troops they'll target. Then it plays through each troop, ally and enemy, for the combat turn. Here's a video, about 51 minutes in he...
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    Child of Light

    I'm VERY excited for this title! I bought it for PS4, so I'm looking forward to playing it tomorrow.
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    Endless Legend

    I dumped 5-6 hours into one game and absolutely love it. Right now there's a 200 turn limit on the game, so games aren't that long. Victory is determined by score if you haven't defeated the other AI by then. I absolutely love Endless Space even if it wasn't deep as other 4X games, namely the...
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    World of Warcraft "Scroll of Resurrection"

    If anyone has a scroll available, PM me, please.
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    Warframe Coop MMO

    Watched some videos and the game looks pretty neat. Suppose to be free to play when it's released, but you can buy into their founder program. Trailer MMO Bomb First Look Random Encounter
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    DOTA 2

    Two friends and I play together whenever we're on together and if anyone wants more people (skill level doesn't matter) to play with pm me for steam info. I'd like to queue with five people since having two other randoms can make or break a game. We're new to dota 2, but have extensive HoN...
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    What is Rift and why aren't many people playing it?

    Play Senticar and never be out healed again.
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    Rift: Planes of Telara... looking good! (MMORPG)

    Everything in the first, third and fourth paragraphs are true. To swap out different classes and roles doesn't yield an equal level benefit, ever see a cleric DPS? 99% of the time you're better off with any other class as DPS than having a cleric. The effectiveness of 51 Puri vs 51 Chloro...
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    Rift: Planes of Telara... looking good! (MMORPG)

    Mage healers are the best raid healers in the game and can only be beat by the burst of cleric "icar" specs. Mage healing does suffer a little on movement heavy fights, but we have abilities that allow us to heal through it like Radiant Spores, Whithering Vines, Ruin Flourish, Bloom, and...