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    X570 USB Issues: Keep or Exchange for Intel

    I did see the good news this past week about AMD supposedly fixing the issue with a forthcoming AGESA update. I still haven't built my new rig yet. With this recent Microsoft Exchange zero-day issue, I've worked a lot of extra hours the last ten days and have just been out of gas when I'm not...
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    X570 USB Issues: Keep or Exchange for Intel

    NZXT Z63 going into a Phanteks P500a with decent air flow.
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    X570 USB Issues: Keep or Exchange for Intel

    Why would you guess that? I never mentioned PCIe 4.0 and it was not a major deciding factor in my purchasing decision. Intel will get there. Yeah, that would be ideal. But not realistic. Storage, RAM, video card coming over from my 3700x box that I need for remote work. And days off are all but...
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    A Plague Tale Innocence

    I played it at 1440 with everything cranked on my 2070 S and it was fine. I love this game. A lot of people shit on the gameplay but the graphics, story, music, all comes together really well.
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    X570 USB Issues: Keep or Exchange for Intel

    Worst case I'll sell the AMD motherboard and CPU and go Intel.
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    Work Server Advice

    Bare metal or host/vm?
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    X570 USB Issues: Keep or Exchange for Intel

    My return window for my MSI MEG Unify X570 board ended today. I arranged my work schedule so I could make the 35 minute drive to Micro Center. And I didn't go. Going to keep what I have and deal with any issues that arise (if any). Hoping the snag an RX6800 and/or 3080 soon so I can lock this...
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    X570 USB Issues: Keep or Exchange for Intel

    Greetings, [H]. I know there's probably not a right or wrong answer here but seeking some input nonetheless. I have a MSI X570 Unify and a Ryzen 9 5900x. Haven't opened them and can return/exchange both at Micro Center. Motherboard needs to be done by Tuesday because their return policy is 15...
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    Basic NVMe PCI 4.0 SSD Questions

    Just wondering if DirectStorage is going to be a big deal.
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    Microcenter has 5900x

    Still all the 5xxx CPUs available at the Cincinnati, OH Micro Center. I was able to get a 5900X yesterday. I have a 3700X so maybe not a huge increase in performance but I'm pretty excited about it anyway.
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    Basic NVMe PCI 4.0 SSD Questions

    Where do you notice the difference? Moving data or just normal desktop stuff?
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    EVGA Step Up to 3XXX card

    I've seen people claim they've completed their step-up after 3 or more months in the queue. I queued first week of January so I'm hoping to step up from my 3060 ti to a 3080 in April/May. Who knows though. I'm fortunate to live within an hour of two Micro Center's and they get 3xxx stock in...
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    I desperately need help. I have no idea what's going on here...

    Nice job, [H] community with the troubleshooting assist. I was going to ask the OP his proximity to the Bermuda Triangle or a Native American burial ground. Probably not helpful but it looked like we were running out of options. Glad the issue was resolved.
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    Which would you choose? 3090 FE vs. EVGA 3090 FTW3

    I'd go FE so I could comfortably build in the Cooler Master NR200. I know the EVGA fits but it's tight and the fan arrangement on the FE is a better match. And I love that case so all this is all IMHO.
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    How many games have you refunded?

    One. Cyberpunk. Not because I was bitter or angry about it's release state. Just decided I would buy it when/if I ever get my EVGA 3080 step-up. I still have the Witcher 3 in my backlog. PLENTY to keep me busy.