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    Steelseries 7G - Windows Key Mod

    See first post for imgur link. And for reference, keyboard still works great in 2014. I've been using it 8+ hours per day at work. Only other modification I did was superglue the spacebar to the chery keys. It kept popping out.
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    Steelseries 7G - Windows Key Mod

    I'll try and remember to fix them tonight. I should still have them laying around. If you only added wires then you are correct, you have to cut some of the traces. I'm at work and don't have the pictures. But I'll re-up them tonight.
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    Operating System that does nothing but display a picture upon boot?

    Semi-smart TV + SD/USB card with picture on it?
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    South Park : The Stick of Truth

    Played 5 mins this morning before work. Consisted of character taking a poop then being able to inventory the poop for later. I think I'll enjoy this game.
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    Windows 8 Users - Do You Use a Start Menu Replacement?

    There was no "no i don't use start menus". So I voted "no opinion". I do everything with run command or start menu quick search (which works exactly like windows 7 in windows 8, press start button on keyboard + type + enter.)
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    AMD Mantle Performance Preview in Battlefield 4 @ [H]

    And a very big boost it is!
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Yeah, all low all the time. That's what I've been running the last 15 years lol. And mantle has almost doubled my FPS because of that. It's very impressive overall. Yesterday I had 2-3 crashes, but today all was fine. I do get 1 major hitch once in a while. I'd estimate 2x per round...
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Just played 3 rounds @250fps. Very very nice. All I need now is a 200+hz LCD...
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    OFFICIAL: BF4 Mantle Cat 14.1 Performance and Feedback Thread

    BF4@640x352 DX11.1 ~190fps Mantle ~380fps I'm not going to play this resolution ever, but it's exactly what mantle is for I guess. Remove some bottleneck created by DX api calls. GPU time was down to 1.1ms, CPU was holding it back.
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    OFFICIAL: BF4 Mantle Cat 14.1 Performance and Feedback Thread

    Pretty sure it's not. When I launched BF4 32bit the API option was not present in Video options menu. Switched back to 64bit and it was there.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Really depends on rig + graphic config. On my end I'm seeing 30-40% faster framerate, I was CPU limited in all cases.
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    Mantle Drivers Leaked

    Also helps quite alot when running low graphics with powerful GPU. All I need now is a 200+hz monitor...
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    Mantle Drivers Leaked

    looks to be perfect for my config/setup. I run min graphics all the time and from the quick test I ran fps is alot more stable overall. Less weird dips.
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    Has PC gaming become synonymous with "maxing the graphics out"?

    I'm an oddball. First thing I do on any game is lower graphics as much as possible, something I can't do on a console. What to me makes a game enjoyable is high refresh rate, minimal lag, and as little annoying graphic effects that make the game difficult to play as possible.
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    Nvidia G-SYNC DIY Kits Now Available ($199)

    I'm hoping an lcd comes out that supports the 177hz some articles are quoting as maximum G-Sync boards can handle. I'd be happy even if it's 720p@177hz. Hell I'd be happy with 800x600 300hz.