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    Late to the Metro 2033 fan club

    The book is way better than the game.
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    Rage sucks

    Rage is the best game id Software has made.
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    RAGE is darn good

    Fix the texture issue? After the latest Rage patch and the latest AMD drivers I don't know of anyone with issues anymore.
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    RAGE from Carmack...

    Stop whining. I've been playing Rage on PC for 5 hours and haven't had this much fun with any PC game in a long time.
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    Valve's RAGE Performance Tweak Guide

    Haha... Rage's problems have been blown way out of proportion. I just installed the game at a friends, he got a 580 GTX, there were NO problems. Sure, 8k textures are nice, but the game looked great by default, and his performance were insane... No texture problems. The issue I had with texture...
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    I was looking forward to BF3 until I tried the beta, man, it just sucked so bad. I'm at a loss for words... Even BC2 plays better, this felt just as arcadey and uninspired as COD MP. Not what I was expecting at all, certainly didn't give me the feeling that this was a Battlefield game.
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    XFX 6870 All Games Freezes

    After I moved my computer from one spot in the house to another I've had no problems, rock solid. The only things that changed with this move is that I'm no longer using the onboard soundcard, and I'm not using the HDMI port on my graphics card. So for now I'm blaming one of those two things...
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    In gaming, everything is amazing, but no one is happy

    The title of the article is confusing, as I see it, very few games are amazing these days, but they could have been, and that's what's disappointing. I'm currently playing Dead Island, this game could be so much better if a bunch of small additions were introduced. For instance, most objects...
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    Dead Island - Best Open World Zombie Game Ever?

    I'm only on level 8 or so, but does day ever turn to night?
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    XFX 6870 All Games Freezes

    I've checked, unfortunately nothing of help, there's only an event of not shutting down properly, since I have to hold the power button to shut down.
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    what is best gpu under $100?

    I'm researching components for a budget computer I will be building and selling through my firm, the model will be aimed at budget gamers. And for consumers interested in getting into pc gaming going from consoles. It's just amazing the performance and quality you can get on a budget these days...
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    XFX 6870 All Games Freezes

    I haven't tried increasing the clock yet. As for clean install of drivers, this problem started out of the blue after having no issues, for a long time. I didn't change the driver. But I have now tried a clean install of the latest drivers and it didn't change anything. Also, consider the fact...
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    XFX 6870 All Games Freezes

    Isn't unstable CPU unlikely when I can run prime95 for hours? And since benchmarks like furmark cause no issues the gpu seems stable as well
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    XFX 6870 All Games Freezes

    Just passed memtest with flying colors.
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    20+ min Skyrim HD video released.

    Any PC footage out yet?