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    XBox360 (wireless adapter is too pricey)

    Can anyone tell me if there's a less expensive wireless adapter than the Microsoft one that will work on the 360?
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    Digital picture frame (can they be reprogrammed)

    Does anyone know if there's a way to reprogram or rework a digital picture frame s that it will accept video and audio in? The one I have has various inputs and an SD car slot, but no AV in.
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    Help with an internal HDTV tuner

    Dib7700 internal tuner MC770A is the designation on the software for it
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    Sager 5793

    Good luck with it. I hope you love it as much as I do.
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    Help with an internal HDTV tuner

    I have an internal tuner that I'm trying to use, and I don't know what settings to use when scanning for channels. I don't know bandwidths or frequencies to look for. Any help would be appreciated:P
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    Sager 5793

    The fans are noticeable, but not much moreso than my wife's little HP laptop. I haven't ever put it on the lowest settings and the fans run pretty much all the time. IMHO, it won't bother anyone
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    Sager 5793

    I have one, and the fans aren't all that loud. The onboard speakers aren't all that loud, either. I use a headset, so the only downside I've found on the computer really doesn't affect me. It's fast, and much lighter than my old laptop.
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    Thoughts on a medium end gamer laptop They've got a 15.4" that has all the power of a desktop. I've got a 17" made by them, and I've been nothing but satisfied. The only problem I had was that the optical drive didn't work when I got it (seemed to be damaged during shipping). They overnighted me a replacement...
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    What game killed your console?

    I got a new 360 a few months ago, and it's been fine. The ports on the back are in different places than on the first ones that came out. Have had multiple 4-5 hour sessions on LO and on COD4 without ever a hangup. Even if not 100% yet, they have improved somewhat in the cooling dept.
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    What do physics processors really do?

    IMHO, it's far more cost effective to spend your money on a better CPU. They've pretty much been taking care of the physics processing load by making better CPU's these days. Besides, how many other applications will you be running while you're gaming?
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    Xbox 360 GTA IV Unreadable Disk

    If you're connected to the internet with the console and it reads the disc at all, it should tell you if there's an update. I had a similar issue with one game, and just used some compressed air to clean out the drive. Also, I had an issue with a bad disc. If you read in the back...
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    XBOX 360 - surge protector necessary?

    I work on offshore rigs (a lot of them), and there are things that a surge protector does that no brick out of a manufacturer's box will do. I have seen many electrical products ruined offshore, and I will never plug into anyone's outlet without a surge protector. It has to do with the...
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    New Laptop: HP 2133 8.9" UMPC

    What's the battery life like?? I've been contemplating one of those for something to bring on jobs where bag space and weight it an issue. Also, have you had any heat issues?
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    Pulled the trigger on Sager NP9262 I have bought from XoticPC before and was extremely happy. I recently bought from these people and am extremely happy. I asked Xotic what they'd do to keep my business (built the same rig and the price was only $64 difference). They offered to give me free...
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    New Games?? Something that isn't a clone of Halo or UT??

    Which one (since you've played them both) would you recommend trying out first, FEAR or Quake 4? And I will try out Serious Sam.