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    sell PC and get mac mini core duo?

    I dont eBay though, and besides, I like the iBook, it is plenty fast enough for typing, which is all I use it for. I don't want it as a main computer, I tried that once. two screens sharing 32MB VRAM is no fun at all.
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    sell PC and get mac mini core duo?

    negate on that one, I need it for school, and I dont think it is going to sell in 1 day, plus shipping from the Apple factory :)
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    old cpu, new agp gpu

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    1GB Cards will be High End Next Gen?

    512 is already being close to a bottleneck on some games, so yeah, I would expect so.
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    Will you buy a phsyx card when released in May?

    or a 7800GT and an X1300 :) I don't want to get an ATi card just to do that ;)
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    Will Senheiser HD515 sound better at low volume with an amp?

    I just bought these, be damned if I am dropping 300 more for the 590s.
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    Ageia PhysX "launched"

    nope, they decided they were moving back to AGP. :o
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    is my IHS not completely flat? or is the contact bad.

    because the IHS is a godsend for people that are even using large heatsinks.
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    Is there a quiet stock card in the $250 range?

    7600GS, all passive.
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    How many USB devices do you use?

    G15, MX510, Card Reader, Printer, MP3 player yeah thats about it for now.
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    lets play the blame game

    I read your post too slow, I read the "Seasonic BLOWS" and I didn't keep reading! :p
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    Thermal Paste..................?

    Arctic Silver 5 once you switch sinks, the Opty heatsink is VERY good, so don't switch unless it is a XP120 or a TT Big Typhoon or something. and don't remove the pad either, it is very good quality (Shin Etsu AFAIK)
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    Installing Oblivion and New 84.25 Now

    no, the uploading place didn't make that ground look worse than whats left in the toilet when Im done doing business.
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    Ati - R420

    slam it in the freezer for 5-10 minutes and get a boxcutter