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    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    Looks like a great kit!
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    Enermax T.B. RGB Fan 3-Pack & RevoBron 600W PSU Luck Draw

    Replace my old stuff with this new cool stuff!
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    Computer Science Students Should Learn to Cheat, Not Be Punished for It

    While it's true that professionals use Google, Stack Overflow, Reddit, etc. to find answers, not all answers can be found online, and we need to come up with the solution ourselves. That's why I believe academic plagiarism isn't good. We need to use our brains to solve problems sometimes, not...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Count me in!
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    Lucky Draw - SilverStone ST80F-TI 800W Power Supply

    No, not yet. I don't have a need for one at the moment. Maybe soon though!
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    It's BIG and WHITE and a Kilowatt - CORSAIR and HARDOCP PUT IT IN FOR FREE

    Yes! Once you go 1K, you can't take away anything less than a Corsair 1K.
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    Corsair's The Witcher Wild Hunt Lucky Draw

    A RAID controller!
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    Their PSUs are built with the best quality components.
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    SeaSonic M12II Power Supply Lucky Draw

    X650, it is very quiet!
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    They have great quality cases - thick, no cut hands, plenty of ventilation, and it's easy to arrange components! Their power supplies often last a long time and provide smooth, steady power, so I overclock comfortably knowing the PSU won't cause problems! :)
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    Lots of great products, including memory, SSDs and power supplies that I personally use.
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    HP to Stay in The PC Business

    HP staying in the business is a good thing because it keeps competition alive. Also it provides jobs building them, and fixing them too.
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    Seasonic Platinum-1000 Drawing

    Great quality! One of the best.
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    I've been buying only AMD CPU's and graphics cards for years. Great driver support for graphics cards!
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    KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

    It's a nice all-in-1 package that provides great cooling! :cool: