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    Will EVGA Z77 FTW LGA fit in Antec 900?

    The Antec 900 specs say it will fit ATX and M-ATX motherboards. The EVGA Z77 FTW LGA motherboard is classified as an E-ATX only because it's just barely larger than a typical ATX. Anyone know for sure if it will fit without having to modify it?
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    New GTX 680 Poor Performance

    You guys are good. Just overclocked the 930 to 3.2ghz and I see huge improvements. GPU usage is now closer to 75% in the games I'm testing, so it looks like I'm shooting for 3.6ghz or maybe 4ghz to remove the bottleneck. The only problem is that this chip has been running overclocked (and...
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    New GTX 680 Poor Performance

    Ah, I didn't realize that. Maybe it's about time to grab an Ivy Bridge and a 1155 socket mobo.
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    New GTX 680 Poor Performance

    We both have the same monitor and run them at 1920x1080. We both went in to the NVIDIA control panel and restored all defaults and reset all Skyrim settings to Ultra and then verified it set them all the same way. Me - i7 930 @ 2.8ghz Him - i7 2600 @ 3.4ghz I can OC to 3.2 or so when I get...
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    New GTX 680 Poor Performance

    I just ran 3Dmark11 and got P9298 for Graphics Score which is above target and P3552 for Physics Score which is below target. I really figured if I was CPU bottlenecked I would have seen the active cores closer to 100% during bottleneck.
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    New GTX 680 Poor Performance

    Hi Guys, I'd really appreciate it if someone could attempt to help me figure out why I'm getting such poor performance with my new EVGA GTX 680. Specs: EVGA 02G-P4-2680-KR GeForce GTX 680 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card Intel Core i7-930 2.8GHz...
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    Quick Save - A key feature that devs keep forgetting

    Does anyone else remember what game got them addicted to quicksaves? For me it was the original Splinter Cell. I don't remember if it was that it was one of the first games I played that supported the feature, or that I HAD to rely on it because I'm not so great at sneaking around in games.
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    I would think people would be most interested in how much they themselves could potientally make using the service. I know that I would be really interested in some real examples such as how much the best player has made, or how much the average player makes.
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    Survey completed. Looks like a pretty cool service, but I don't own any consoles.
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    Real Warfare 1242

    Anyone else pick this game up? It seems like there's a lot of crappy PC titles being released lately. I regularly get game crashing memory related errors and the scrolling is very jerky in game. I have failed in the SECOND level 5 times in a row now, including one failure that happened within 20...
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    Sniper: Ghost Warrior

    After putting about 3 or 4 hours into this game last night, I would say save your money until it's on sale for $10. There have been too many times where I unloaded a clip of small bursts into an enemy and did no damage because the game deemed he was hidden by cover when he really wasn't. Both...
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    Dead Space or Mirror's Edge worth the buy on Steam?

    I definitely recommend Mirror's Edge. They took a gamble making a game that was the first of it's kind, and it worked out really well. The control, soundtrack, and atmosphere are all fantastic. The way the view sways when you run feels very real. I barely knew what parkour was before playing it...
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    Alpha Protocol, my thoughts so far

    I agree that it gets too easy with the highest level of chain shot, but to me it seems like rifles were a little overpowered too. I used only pistols my first playthrough and only used SMGs on my second, but on both playthroughs I carried the gold plated rifle around as a backup in case I ran...
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    Alpha Protocol, my thoughts so far

    Speaking of bugs and frustrating boss fights. During the fight with Championchik I got stuck INSIDE him and couldn't move at all. I just started pulling the trigger on my pistol as fast as I could until he died and then it let me move after the cutscene.
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    Alpha Protocol Discussion Here:

    I don't think he was implying you are a pirate. A lot of people, myself included, feel that the DRM used in AC2 is absurd, and it has had it's problems such as the authentication servers being DoSsed shortly after launch. DRM like this makes it so ONLY the people who actually paid for the game...