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    any SSD's faster than my samsung 840 pro?

    There are several drives faster if you hit the drive hard with writes. Some drives do better for light use and others are more robust with heavy drive writes. Latency is the secret and the 840 Pro has sad write latency. What capacity size do you have?
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    WikiLeaks Volunteer Was a Paid Informant for the FBI

    It's a government job. The President only makes around 200K (I forget the exact figure). The top salaries at The Pentagon are the football coaches. Why get get paid out of The Pentagon is beyond me but a report was published the other day.
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    Best for Triple Screen BF3 Gaming

    Price really isn't that big of an issue, just image quality and the best 3 monitor support. I wasn't thinking about the multi card aspect of it. Maybe I should use one card for the main screen and another for the two off to the side. 3 cards? I don't get to play a lot so when I do get a...
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    Best for Triple Screen BF3 Gaming

    I haven't covered the GPU market in a very long time but I still game now and then. I just picked up three Samsung 40" LED TVs (model 6030) and I'm ready to play some triple screen BF3. So which company's triple screen system works better, AMD or nV?
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    New SANDISK drive, OMG sandforce TRIM issues!

    R201 does not fix the TRIM issue. You will have to flash the next FW to fix the issue. The TRIM issue the release notes talk another is...dare I say...a different TRIM issue. LOL
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    SSD Trim now confirmed working in RAID 0

    Come on guys, take it easy on Jon. He hasn't even been writing for a year and I tossed him into a very complicated article. When it comes to facts Jon nailed it, even more so than Anand. Jon's article also forced Intel's hand into making an official statment about RAID 0 TRIM, something I've...
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    SSD Trim now confirmed working in RAID 0

    I can tell you that Gigabyte is working on getting everything together now for their 7 Series boards. Also, LSI is testing at their validation lab. Chris SSD Reviewer Owner - RWL
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    Kingston HyperX 3K Series 240GB SSD Review @ [H]

    The Samsung 830 128GB has really bad latency when writing data.
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    Kingston HyperX SSD 240GB & 120GB SSD Storage Review @ [H]

    The Marvell controller is going to slow you done and is also the reason why you can't update the firmware. For the firmware update put the drive on an Intel chipset. For the performance, well you are better off with an Intel or AMD chipset with native SATA 6G.
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    NAND Flash Faces Off - Synchronous vs. Asynchronous @ [H]

    Easy tiger:) Q4 is always really busy around the house due to my wife's work schedule this time of year. It usually goes something like work till you drop, sleep three hours and work some more. It's that way 7 days a week for three and a half months. I watch the three kids and coach basketball...
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    Fastest non-SSD / Single Drive

    I have some Seagate 3TB drives that hit 160 to 175MB/s read and write speeds(from memory, somewhere in there). The 4TB drives are just around the corner though but that will drop the price of the 3TB drives.
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    Upcoming PCI 3.0 boards?

    Info is starting to leak out and more will come in October. We may see X79 in mid to late November. That's where the action will be! It all comes down to PCIe and the mainstream boards on the market now, even those packaged as enthusiast models just don't have the PCIe lanes to make all of these...
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    6 Reasons Your Computer Guy Hates You

    I hate it when you go to family functions, Thanksgiving, X-mas and such. You finish dinner and are ready to relax and then they come from all over. You go take a look and find 3 computers sitting next to each other with Post It Notes attached with the list of problems. ...and they all wonder...
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    Kingston HyperX SSD 240GB & 120GB SSD Storage Review @ [H]

    I don't think I'd get either of them for video editing with RAID. I would shoot for Corsair Performance 3 drives. The reason why is because the Performance 3 has really good internal garbage collection. In RAID you lose all TRIM support and SandForce drives don't use traditional garbage...
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    Kingston HyperX SSD 240GB & 120GB SSD Storage Review @ [H]

    The baseline Vertex 3 drives were used. I only have a 240GB MAX IOPS. Just like end users, I don't upgrade the firmware on a whim if I'm not running into any problems. At this time there are three drives using Toshiba Toggle flash. The Max IOPS, new OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G 240GB...