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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets Again!!!

    At the moment, Yamaha YH-3 from the 70's (I think).
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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets!!!

    There's a lot of RFI/EMI noise in my case so internal/onboard sound cards gets raped and makes too much buzzing noises. An external sound card/headset would rid my problems.
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    Question about Tritton amp

    I believe you get all the necessary cables in the box. You can also order the cables needed directly from tritton's website.
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    Sega Saturn style controller for your PC and VIP access to PlaySEGA for 3 months $20!

    I wouldn't be surprised if these controllers are the same ones they currently sell on ebay. If they are, then they are perfect reproductions of the original saturn pad.
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    Recommendations for budget receiver + remote and speaker setup?

    I've been watching the 254 auctions for a good 2 months so far because I was interested in getting one. Last month when harman was offering the receiver for 280 buy it now or make an offer, you were able to get the receiver for $220 shipped. They sold a few dozen at that price. They don't do...
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    RadioShack 40pk AA bat. $10.00

    Are the Fry's ones rebranded Energizers too?
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    Should I pick up a pair of Bose Around-Ear headphones? Convince me otherwise?

    I personally like the Audio Technica ES-7 as a better alternative to the Bose OE. Better fun sounding headphone than the Bose and a much better build quality too. They're also freakin gorgeous.
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    Need some good cheap 2.5MM headphones, anyone know of some?

    Just did some testing with my samsung a900. It appears that the 1st pole on the jack ( the tip) is the mic out. 2nd and 3rd are left and right, and the 4th is ground. If the phone is a 3 pole jack then it'll be mic, Right, then Ground. Whatever it may be, it appears you won't be able to get...
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    Need some good cheap 2.5MM headphones, anyone know of some?

    What brand of phone do you have? Some brands like nokia go against the standard and put the left, right, and mic on different positions on the jack, that essentially makes your left or right earphone into a mic input. Also if the jack is recessed too far into the phone then some adapters just...
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    GUNNAR Optiks Digital Performance Eyewear @ [H]

    Wow, first time coming into gen hardware looking for usb hubs and stumbled on this sticky. I don't really have the extra spending funds for Rx versions of these so I'd like to know how I would be able to order something that has similar functions to the gunnars from a site like zennioptical...
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    keyboard input creates a clicking sound when speakers are at very high volumes

    In that case, yup, it even happened with the optical. As far as the audigy2 goes, I only use that when I'm using speakers and I don't notice the pops. I have to use an external when I use headphones since my headphones pick up the sound much easier. I bought an external as a last resort and...
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    keyboard input creates a clicking sound when speakers are at very high volumes

    I have an Audigy2 and it picks up my wireless mouse wheel like crazy. As far as the anti-static bag, never tried, just heard that it could help. Another computer of mine that I was running spdif out from the onboard was even worse. It was so bad that it would make static noises not just on...
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    keyboard input creates a clicking sound when speakers are at very high volumes

    Those pops you hear are from electrical interference that your sound card picks up. This happenes mostly with onboard sound cards and even pci sound cards are sensitive to the electrical noises too. You can either try shielding some cables inside your case, buy a higher quality sound card, or...
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    Monster Beats by Dre.

    I went to best buy once and they had the dr.dre kiosk. The kiosk has an extra input jack so you could plug in your own headphones so you could A/B test it against the dre's. If I've ever learned anything from a monster kiosk it's to never trust it, period. Probably has the jack connected with...
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    Microcenter: Windows 7 Upgrade Home Premium $39.99 / Professional $89.99 - Ends 6/28

    If only microcenter wasn't exactly $10 ($13 now) worth of gas to drive there and back I would have gotten it from them. I decided to pick it up from amazon with the whole free shipping and no tax.