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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    While I agree 100% with you about how you got new items, the MP game play was IMO a SHIT LOAD of fun! The different classes were really neat and unique and the N7 characters were a great addition.Whatever they do, I hope they keep the hoarde mode of ME3. It was absolutely a blast!
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    What got you into PCs and PC gaming? What year and why?

    Strike Commander with voice pack lol. 1993 according to wikipedia. Then some RTS's several years until some people at this internship turned me on to Half Life and that was it.
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    ARMA III has been released

    KOTH servers are deathmatchy. Depending on what you want to play, you could search for some wasteland servers. King of the hill is pretty damn fun. If you get A3Launcher you can download a lot of the mods that a lot of servers use. KOTH servers don't use any mods, nor do the Wasteland servers...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    I'm sure this has been asked and answered, but what happens to that ship if it has LTI? Could I just go back to my hangar and it be there?
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    Game mechanics / designs that you hate

    I agree completely with your number 3. If I can kill a guy who has the best weapon in the game with only the starting weapons or no weapons, let me pick up his damn gun! To further this, an enemy who has infinite ammo once killed has 3 bullets. WTF...? I mean, I get it, it would make you too...
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    Gearbox to release Homeworld 1 & 2 HD

    This is my only complaint. At level 1 UI its so microscopic that its almost impossible to read but at level 2 its too big and the squad assignments dont even show fully along the bottom.
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    What is the last game that lived up to the hype on day 1?

    Other than the boss battles, I was super pleased with Deus Ex HR Skyrim
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    Anyone else not really liking Shadow of Mordor?

    Once you kill the black hand, you move to the next zone... with a new army and set of captains. And graugs you can ride. Do the hunter missions right away to unlock all the caragor and graug stuff. You can do them back to back. Then do the sword mission in the top left and top right areas in the...
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    Anyone else not really liking Shadow of Mordor?

    I don't see how someone can't like it. I mean everyone's entitled to their opinion, even if it's stupid (jk). The nemesis system is great, but it's easy to get into. Interrogate everyone you can. You'll find that a lot of captains in the first zone can be taken out with a single arrow to the...
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    Games that use a mouse to fly

    Arma2/3 Dslyecxi used to fly with mouse keyboard and petals in Arma2 and 3. Not sure if he still does but he's an absolutely incredible pilot.
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    I finished Metro: Last Night now I'm sad.

    The book Metro 2033 is very good. If you're into audiobooks at all, it is excellent! I also suggest SpecOps the line. Another suggestion is to watch Kingdom of Heaven and then pop in the first Assassins Creed. They pair very well together :)
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    Far cry 4 co-op

    So its similar to dead island style or is it more like dark souls?
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    What is everyone playing now?

    Firefall which I'm enjoying even with several characters at max level. ME3 MP which is so damn fun even after all this time ARMA3 KOTH. Flying pawnees and wrecking shit!!
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    Current FPS... with graphics worthy of a new build.

    ARMA3 as highly set as can be looks incredible. BUT its not at all like COD4... its a milsim... about as far removed from COD4 as could be. But still, its' scale plus its' graphics make for a really great experience IMO