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    PSN has The Order:1886 at a fixed $20

    I suppose that's like buying a Blu-ray. I don't feel my gaming time is worth this 20 dollars though ;)
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    AMD Not providing R9 Nano samples to several sites.

    From the looks of it, it's always team green that jumps and rallying with pitchforks if AMD even sneezes.
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    Amazon Selfie Stick for $14

    Selfie sticks kind of symbolizes how people in society continue to live in their own personal bubble, I find these kind of fun to use lol. If only other people were good picture takers ;o
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    Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons ~$3.00 at GMG

    It's closer to two hours. really great game. one of the best I have played in a while.
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    5 Dollars La County Fair Tickets! On Select Days

    Wtf kind of reply is this? Exaggerated crap. "How safe is anything? How safe is leaving your house? How safe is driving to work? How safe is riding your bike? FFS man, just do yourself and the world a favor and go live in a bubble... "
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    Amazon Build Your Own PC Event - 24 Hours

    I want a decent deal on a M-ITX board :<
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    Great Sale on Origin Games

    And yet, these were the least popular modes. And they are not gone, they just put it in Variety pack.
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    Sapphire RMA - Thanks for Nothing

    There's no absolute to companies having bad service. What seems absolute that people on this board blows this stuff out of proportion.
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    XFX Double Dissipation R9 280X Video Card Review @ [H]

    Got this card as a replacement for my dead 7950 :D.
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    Black screen after driver install on 7950

    next time if there is a black screen, try booting into safe mode. Perhaps there was a driver issue. It's happened to me in a new build before, but it's completely resolvable (if it is this issue)
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    AMD Announces Radeon R9 280

    is this basically a 7950? could use another to Xfire :O
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    MSI gaming cards are a joke and the warranty is a joke

    These threads are so stupid. Always ends up with BS like "Never buy them again " "Company owes them a 290x CROSSFIRE OGJLSJDFLS"
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    Keeping Dual 7950's Cool

    I switched to a a GENE IV to an MSI M-POWER board so I had more room to crossfire. Unless you have a ATX case, most M-ATX cases will have only 4 PCI-E slots. Putting that x4 in between would force your solution to take 5 PCIE slots, which nulls the compact design of a lot of M-ATX boards
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    ALMOST hot- Steelseries Sensei RAW edition is 40!

    I have a Kinzu right now, so I can't vouch for the middle click. Ergonomics is the most important to me ;)
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    ALMOST hot- Steelseries Sensei RAW edition is 40! Got one, because my cheap kinzu has great ergonomics for me (not huge hands). Could be only for today, sooooo have at it! (gotta choose amazon as seller)