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    CS:S beta

    If you think its a joke because the jittering, try cl_smooth 0 in console. I saw it on the steam forums and it worked like a charm for me.
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    cs:s problem already

    I encountered the anti aliasing bug but i disabled refresh force and now mine works fine. Wow this is awesome, the physics are simply amazing in this game. I have not been able to connect to any actual servers yet execpty my own, but wow a huge improvment. Oh one heads up, i couldnt open the...
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    Which game was your Best Multiplayer Experience Ever...

    Counter-Strike, but diablo II is a extremely close second. A few other honorable mentions: Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight is what i played up until about starcraft. Starcraft until I got UT, but starcraft i still play once in a while. Original UT was awesome, still my favortie lan game...
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    Tweakguide's Doom3 tweaking...

    Ok i think i found the problem with my autoexec.cfg. Look at this: It made my screen completley dark because it never loaded the lights possibly. At least thats my guess because after removing r_skipUpdates 1 my config worked so.
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    Tweakguide's Doom3 tweaking...

    I gotta ask you, can you post the contents of your autoexec.cfg? I tried all using the tweak guide and it made my screen competley black when i loaded a game. The only thing i could see was the hud. Also, if anyone has it could you post the default contents of the DoomConfig.cfg file?
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    Will this upgrade help my doom 3 performance a lot?

    well i mean, is the procssor upgrade necesary or not for the most part. The 8500 was a mistake for me to buy in the first place.
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    Will this upgrade help my doom 3 performance a lot?

    Evga Geforce 6800 NU 128mb AMD Athlon 2500+ Barton I'm hoping it will help my performance a bit.
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    Recommend me a freeware DVD player

    I've heard about this maximus dvd, but it appears that their website is down or something. Is there any other good freeware dvd players out there?
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    several issues with HL an CS in opengl!

    If you have a ati card, check out the newest omega drivers. He included a special cs driver which is basically a older version of the ati opengl drivers that preformed better in cs. also check out this program
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    Tweaks to CS?

    Here is a great little program i found called hl toolz it basically a program that writes a config file for you based on settings you put in
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    New winamp 5.04 out

    its also on major geeks now so this is probably the real thing. i like the new streaming media features
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    New winamp 5.04 out

    Not on the front page of the website yet but its stickied in the winamp forums so i'd assume its offical
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    WarCraft III Frozen Throne

    You really have had some bad luck then. Most players i have played with are really nice and don't seem to brag or make excuses. What realm do you play on?