XFX Black Edition PSU Drawing!

I like that the xfx power supply isn't the cheap rosewill one I currently have powering my rig.
XFX power supplies ...... Never used them but since it does carry the XFX, if it is anything like their GPU department, i can expect good things :D
XFX styling looks awesome, their products perform awesome, and the warranty can't be beat.

I'm sure these PSU's would happily churn out enough power for a gtx 470 SLI upgrade i have in mind =]
XFX power supplies: made by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, using top notch kit (Seasonic!). What's not to like?
XFX - First, they're giving away stuff, that's ________ awesome!!!
Second, they are a top notch company and a lot of us buy from them
on a regular basis.

Giving stuff away, the X2 warranty.
70A single rail in the 850w Black Edition.
The lime green is sexy too!
Wow, either one would go well with my new case. Couple that with XFX being a great company and I'd have a nerdgasm.
I've never had an XFX PSU but from all the reviews I have read they are fantastic!

I do love the way their power supplies look! Very cool!
At first glance, I would have been afraid of a black power supply disappearing in my case.
The fan, however, saves it.
What's not to like about their PSU's? I have one of these 850w units in my home server. Single rail, modular, quiet and excellent warranty!
XFX psu's are sweet performers and even better lookers. I've got a 750 in my currnet setup and I think it's one of the best I've ever used.