XFX Black Edition PSU Drawing!


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May 18, 1997
XFX is giving away not one, but two new Power Supply Units! The first is a 850W Black Edition Modular PSU. The second is a 750W Black Edition Modular PSU.


To enter, post in this thread ONCE and tell us what you like about XFX's PSU line up, or if you want to wuss out post a joke that is in good taste.

This drawing is good for USA and Canada only.
Thumbs up to the 70A single rail in the 850w Black Edition. Also, the lime green is yummy!
Just used one of the XFX core line PSUs in a build for a friend and the thing looked sharp and was rock solid when it came to powering the build.
I like how they look. Intersting look to them and makes it different then the norm. I will like it better if the power supplies come with a jumper to connect them together to power the 2 6990's that XFX is giving away.
I like the quality of XFX, and also their styling (they seem to jazz up with PSUs with nice little touches).
I could use a new PSU. Black PSU unit would match my black case much better than my current one.
XFX PSU's definately look interesting. Kudos for them to resort to a more creative color scheme than the tradition. If I win, maybe i'll be able to keep my friend from cheaping out and going with some 500watt PSU for his new Fermi build :eek:
black and green, what's not to like? (oh hey, and a crapload of amps on the 12v rail.. mmmmm... ampres)
Good quality, Seasonic power supplies backed up by a good warranty and good pricing.
XFX is a good brand.. Looks awesome.. Power is good.. And I would repaint my case to match the green!
I like the look of it, not that I would ever see it installed in my windowless case...but thats ok
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XFX PSUs have solid looks, solid warranty, solid performance, and solid reviews. Sounds pretty solid to me.
I like the fact that they're seasonics. Color scheme... can't really much care for it.
Color scheme. Doesn't match anything in my case, but looks bad ass while doing so.
I like the quality of the connectors, just look at one of the molex connectors, there's no play in them like other manufacturers ,and the raw power.
I friggin' love XFX's customer service, and their constantly excellent quality. I have never read a bad review of an XFX power supply (or anything else for that matter), and I've never had an issue with any of their products.