Starcraft 2 Beta usernames/handles


Apr 17, 2008
Post your usernames/handles here, and I'll try to keep them updated with each player's highest league. So far we have


If you add someone, send them a msg so they have you as well.
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We should get a [H] night going sometime for whoever is in the game! Like FFA games and the like. Would be real fun.
Flooberjobby or Soilent green I should be playing this weekend with my brother if he can get online. :D

I got him and I a key. I miss being semi pro and having connections to stuff like this all the time.

I had to pull some strings with what connections I have for him and I to play....

I so can't wait till I'm back from this deployment and can get back into it... well start getting back into it anyways.
Just finished playing some 2v2 with mal.vortex, was pretty fun. Zerg are definitely more my pace for 2v2.. i love how they handle. 1v1 is still terran for me.

Getting better, but I still suck and not knowing anything about sc1 is not helping me out.
Terran is hella fun I admit, I also like playing zerg. Hell, I like playing all races!! I've recently switched over entirely to random and it's been a blast, I'm learning different types of strategies against different races and its awesome sauce.

Maybe we can get some games in on sunday or tues/wed.
Random is definitely my favorite mode of operation when it comes to choosing race. I thought random might have been broken on my beta client for some reason. My first five matches were all Terran, and right after I got comfortable with them it was time to learn hot keys again. I really enjoyed the game when I got to play the other day, and I'm really looking forward to playing with all of you gentlemen! Unfortunately I just finished a 14 hour day of working on my final projects for college and I have another day or two of that ahead of me. To segue this comment, my break starts Wednesday and I expect some of you guys to play some 2v2 matches with me!!!!! :)

OceaNz.bah gold league. I'm down for some 2's if anyone is interested just add me in game.
list updated :)

Seen a few of you ingame so far.. I've definitely switched to zerg as my favorite race. I love spring break.
refraxion, i'd love to 1v1 or 2v2 w/you, I need to play with some better people to really pick out my weaknesses and maybe give me tips where I'm missing areas to improve.
Sure thing, but I'm not good :p. I'll add you when I go on and msg you. I rarely play much over the weekends, probably 5-7 games or so.
Id like to get in on that as well. Ill be on tonight Ill send yal a message when Im on.
i love the game but i need to get better!! grrr i keep trying and trying... somehow i get players that are good or that cheese lol. so I ussually have to rush or cheese to win annoying! However i just got my real life friend in beta and we are trying to practice to start 2v2ing. Anyway thanks for adding me to the list ;)

Feel free for anyone on here to add me as a friend!! And we can play and practice and learn ;)

i have more wins in 1vs1 but im copper in 1vs1 and im bronze in 2vs2 but i have less wins in bronze.. Go FIGURE!!! Wow i really need to work on ranking up in 1vs1... shesh.... = \
Protoss excell at rush play (now) and that stupid photon cannon push. Terran are a blast and so far my favorite to play. I usually go 2 marines to a maurader and have 2 eng bays at the beginning to research both weapons and armor at the same time to complete by the time I make my push ~6-7m.

Unfortunately, most games will end in under 15m. So, plan accordingly and get your first 30 seconds set for your playstyle.

Mine is something like:

SVC, SVC, Queue SVC, Barracks, Supply Depot, SCV, Refinery, SCV, SCV, Marine, SCV, Marine, Eng Bay, SCV, Refinery, Comsat, Barracks add-on Lab, Etc.........

Still playing my practice matches since i've been so out of touch with RTS.
Since I posted this somewhere else a few days ago:

For protoss, general build order is this:

while you have your 9 probes, build a pylon.
Build 10th probe
When pylon finishes chrono boost your 11th probe
Build your first gateway at 150 mineral
scout with that probe that built the gateway
Build assimilator whenever you have enough resources around 14 food
keep pumping out probes till 16 food, or you can go 18 food on all probes.

General rule of thumb for probes per base is: 3 probes per vespene geyser, about 3 probes per patch or every 3rd patch you add another probe for mineral field.

Roughly 24 probes on mineral patch, 6 in total for vespene geyser.

Here is where you can differ:
Build a second gateway when minerals permit, or build a cybernetics core (then build a gateway after that if need be).

This depends really on what race you are going against and what they are doing:

Against a terran:

You should go cybernetics core build and build a robotics facility as fast as possible. That requires 100 gas which is the reason you build an assimilator early on.
You need to get an observer from the robo facility asap and scout out what the terran player is doing. If you don't see a starport and you just see marines and marauders, chrono boost some immortals and remember to upgrade the warpgate tech at the cybernetics core early (after you get your first observer I guess).
Immortals destroy marauders so use them to focus marauders down while your zealots tear the marines apart. Build some stalkers and sentries too (shield helps a lot more than you think). Ultimately you should aim for colossus if all he is doing is pumping marines and marauders.

Against a zerg:

Scout him out fast, if he tries to fast expand.. build 2-3 gateways and a robo facility just in case of roaches. You need to rush him to take it out or else it'll be an uphill battle for you.

Roaches get destroyed by immortals so build those to focus fire roaches. 1 immortal is almost equivalent to 3 roaches. Keep observers around his base because he could be tech switching to muta's on you, in which case you should more than likely get some canons on your mineral line just in case he comes to harass. Stalkers are pretty decent against mutas and sentries are great against them but very slow.

Just remember to keep spending your resources when you have it! Don't let minerals build up too much.. thats wasted minerals right there where you can build up an army!

Scouting is always essential.

If he goes hydras.. build colossus (Requires robotics bay) and upgrade the range, they tear apart hydras.

Charge on zealots is also pretty damn good.. remember to use sentries against his hydras too (any damage mitigation is always helpful.

Against protoss:

It's either proxy pylon (building a pylon near their base and warping in units), or building immortals and colossi.
In this fight you need to build a ton of gateways (usually 3-4) and more as the game progresses. Colossi will help you win a lot of battles with the range upgrade, so get a few of those and you'll be gravy. Sentries is also very good to blocking down the ramps if you need to.

These are just general guidelines and remember to tech your zealots with charge or stalkers with blink! those are very good skills for your units.

Also: Remember to use your chrono boost! Scouting is also VERY essential. Use those Xel'Naga towers well! :p
very nice write up refraxion, i thank you..

Do you mind doing a write up for terran as well?
As I am still learning all the other races, I'll do a little small write up for terran when I get some time. But the general strat for all terrans seem to be MMM balls, heh. Marine Marauder Medivac is pretty dangerous early on coupled with stim pack and health upgrade.
As I am still learning all the other races, I'll do a little small write up for terran when I get some time. But the general strat for all terrans seem to be MMM balls, heh. Marine Marauder Medivac is pretty dangerous early on coupled with stim pack and health upgrade.

Thanks Bud :D
I'd like an invite ;) But I'd love to play 2v2. Are there 3v3's? Always loved 3v3 AT in WC3
I'd like an invite ;) But I'd love to play 2v2. Are there 3v3's? Always loved 3v3 AT in WC3

They haven't added 3v3 or 4v4 yet. But I believe after they do the beta server reset that they will also add in 3v3 and 4v4 while they stress the servers. Sc2 can't come soon enough, but it also needs to be balanced still! :(