Some problems with AMD R9 380...


Jul 10, 2016
I got this GPU this year and I've been having a couple of problems since I got it.

1- First realized it is really warm all the time, it's around 50ºc/125ºf in idle and with 75% of fan speed running, a game like Dark Souls 3 gets to 75ºc. My case has a decent ventilation (I don't have a very big one or water cooling or anything fancy like that tho)

I googled about this and found out 50ºc in idle for this GPU is actually normal, that is a warm GPU and that is expected to have these temps, it never really ended up convincing me in 100% but I let it pass.

The thing is that I'm now using a new 40i screen (1080) and when I use it, it goes to 60ºc in idle (my other monitor's native resolution is 1600x900). So I understand that this GPU running an idle screen on 1600x900 warms to 50º~ and on 1920x1080 warms to 60º~, and if I use both it gets to 75ºc in idle... if I play a game it easily gets to 100ºc, which just can't happen, I tried once before knowing this while running MSI afterburner and saw the temps hitting 100ºc and closed the game.

Even if I run Steam Big Picture only with the 40i screen it gets to 75ºc. I can't play any game at 1080p because it heats a lot, I set the 40i screen resolution to 1600x900 and disconnect the other one for it to not pass 75ºc when playing a game, but it's just so uncomfortable, I feel this isn't supposed to be happening. Is there anything I am missing or doing wrong?

2- My GPU's fan configuration isn't automatic, it will Never change from 25% of its fans by its own, if it wasnt because I use MSI afterburner it would die in hell by running any high graphic videogame. I have to always change it manually, you know, open MSI and setting it to 50%, 70% or 75% depending on the game so the temps don't go over 75ºc~ (I don't dare going above 80%)

Even with the curve that MSI lets you create, it just won't work, the GPU doesn't recognize any curve, I can't find any configuration for it in the panel and it ignores the ones I create on MSI.

Rest of specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7 3770 | 3.40GHz
Memory: 8 GBytes | DDR3
Mainboard: ASUSTeK | H61M-K
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate | 64 bits

Thnx for reading, any help will be welcome
what card is it, brand and model? a lot of new cards turn off their fans when below a certain temp and yours may be one of them.
first thing to do is download and install the new drivers 16.7.1 from and see if that helps. if it doesn't help, setup a custom fan curve that suites your tastes in temp/noise. you can also try cleaning the old paste, putting on new better paste and reseating the heatsink.

edit: and welcome to the [H]
Yes I would get a good ceramic based paste, not silver like Arctic silver5 (silver stuff is conductive so accidentally dripping some somewhere other than the gpu die could short it unlike the ceramic), to put a fresh good coat of grease on. Even my high end AIB partner cards like the lightning I always replace the paste. It's always been a shit job for every card I've got before and dropped temps a decent amount just from that alone. Sometimes the paste or tape job they use doesn't even cover half the die! So I would bet that that's most of your issue. If you can do that yourself and retest stuff, that would help pinpoint more stuff down.

The 300 series cards run warm just like the 200 series cards they are based on though. My lightning 290x card idles at ~55 @~40% fan with auto control on. Ambient room temp is 80f/27c that the comp is in right now.
This sounds like the issue people were having when the first Crimson driver was released, where the fan was stuck at a certain percentage. Seems like the only workaround is to manually set the fan speed like you're doing. If I remember correctly there is also some settings to mess around with in the Overdrive portion of the control panel.

Might be worth it to try a DDU cleanup and installing the latest driver package (16.15.2211).