1. cageymaru

    Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX Vega 56 $299 @Amazon

    Sapphire 11276-02-40G Radeon Pulse RX Vega 56 8GB HBM2 Dual HDMI/DP (UEFI) PCI-E Graphics Card is $299.99 on Amazon.
  2. cageymaru

    Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 590 AMD 50th Anniversary Edition

    For those without Twitter here are the pics from the post.
  3. I

    FS: AMD Sapphire R9 290x Tri-X OC TriX Video Card

    AMD Sapphire R9 290x Tri-X OC Video Card Working great. Recently upgraded to a 1070 and no longer needed. This is one of the most highly rated 290x versions due to it's cooler, Sapphire build quality and factory OC. Comes with retail box, two molex adapters, manuals, driver CD, HDMI cable. NO...
  4. R

    New Ryzen Embedded Systems Coming

    PCPer is reporting that Sapphire Tech is now partnering with AMD to offer up a 5"x5" embedded system using the Ryzen V1000 SoC APU. While the website does not specify what model APU Sapphire is using, the small board packs quite a few features such as dual channel DDR4 3200 SODIMM slots, two M.2...
  5. A

    Gaming PC: Sapphire RX 580 8GB i3-8350K 8GB DDR4 850W Power Supply

    Bought this rig to for mining last December so it's been used for that for about 3.5 months. GPU has been undervolted and was running around 55 C. Fully working condition. linky:
  6. R

    Sapphire RX Vega 64 Liquid Edition Pictured Up Close

    In a post on ChipHell we are seeing some up close pictures of Sapphire's Vega 64 Liquid Edition. It is really a great looking card. Shame if I get my hands one one it won't be the Liquid since I run a custom loop. I also received an email from Sapphire today that says Vega will be available to...
  7. FrgMstr

    Sapphire RX 470 Mining Edition Card for Sale in UK

    We have been talking about mining-specific cards for a few weeks now, and most of us are aware of the video card shortages caused by the recent Etherum mining craze. Sapphire has the first "mining only" card that we know of for sale. Product information: RADEON RX 470 MINING EDITION 4096MB...
  8. A

    Sapphire 290X TRI-X OC 4GB

    SAPPHIRE TRI-X OC Radeon R9 290X 4GB 512-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0
  9. A

    FS: Sapphire 290X Tri-X OC 4GB

    Sapphire 290X Tri-X OC 4GB - Moved to ebay Section - Cards works perfect. I upgraded to a 1080ti. - Never overclocked past stock OC PM me for any questions. Paypal preferred Feedback: Heatware - Amarvin125 eBay - Amarvin125
  10. B

    plz help, Ram problem!!!

    at 1st my computer have 8gb of ram, after 1 month of use(brand new computer)(selfbuild) the ram went up to 6.8gb of 7.9 ram , the computer is very slow so i bought another 2x4gb ram(just yesterday). So in total i have 16gb ram, and now the ram has taken 12gb of 16gb. plz help to solve. i play...
  11. B

    Help plz.!!!R9 Fury

    i want to buy sapphire r9 fury tri x oc. but i have 600b evga bronze certified. Can i run it? My computer spec: Gigabyte h170 gaming 3 i5 6500 240gb pny ssd 2x4 Crucial ddr4 2x4 Geil ddr4 Coolermaster hyper t4 NZXT s340 case 4 corsair af 120mm fans egva 600b bronze certified
  12. T

    FS: GTX Titan Black 6GB & AMD 295 X2

    I have a couple of GPUs that I bought from a friend and am reselling. They have all been tested and are working. Here are the following up for sale: SOLD Shipped: x3 GTX Titan Black 6GB ( SOLD Shipped: x1...
  13. N

    Sapphire Radeon R9 FURY X

    Sapphire Radeon R9 FURY X SOLD
  14. Ando626

    Some problems with AMD R9 380...

    Hello, I got this GPU this year and I've been having a couple of problems since I got it. 1- First realized it is really warm all the time, it's around 50ºc/125ºf in idle and with 75% of fan speed running, a game like Dark Souls 3 gets to 75ºc. My case has a decent ventilation (I don't have a...