Sealed WC'd PC w/ small internal rad & large external rad.

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    Cleaning the dust out of your computer is a minor chore. You have to remember to do it, unplug everything, take your PC out to the garage to avoid dust flying on your bed or furniture and even in the best case scenario you can only clean out like 90% of the dust. So what if you water cooled your GPU and CPU and had a radiator attached to the top of the outside of your PC and you reached close to ambient temperatures. Would it then be possible to buy a small radiator like one of the <$20 ones from Newegg and put it on the inside of your case for the purpose of cooling the air inside your case and then totally seal up your case and obviously have tubes running to the external radiator. Could this work, would you get reasonable internal temps? It kind of almost seems worth it. Say you make $80k a year, that's like $40 an hour. If it takes you 10 minutes to dust your PC and you do it once a year. Then within 3 years you've spent half an hour cleaning your PC, $20 worth of work Plus it might make it quieter and the inside of your PSU and stuff like that won't get all dusty.
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    Just grab an open frame chassis and don't set it on the floor. You can then dust it off in a matter of seconds instead of dusting it out, not having to remove any panels.
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    If you think anything is done with watercooling for 20$, lemme tell you something....
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