1. T

    Cleaning my PC killed my X470 mobo

    Yesterday I was cleaning the dust out of my PC for the first time since it was built about 3 years ago and somehow killed my Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING mobo. Wouldn't post and I'd see alternating CPU/DRAM red LED lights flashing. Did all kinds of resetting including cleared CMOS jumper &...
  2. H

    Sealed WC'd PC w/ small internal rad & large external rad.

    Cleaning the dust out of your computer is a minor chore. You have to remember to do it, unplug everything, take your PC out to the garage to avoid dust flying on your bed or furniture and even in the best case scenario you can only clean out like 90% of the dust. So what if you water cooled...
  3. DooKey

    Opportunity Rover Makes it Through its 8th Winter

    The Mars rover Opportunity has survived its 8th winter thanks to the Mars rover team using a tilted strategy for the rover during the winter months. Basically they make sure the rover is always tilted towards the sun and take extra care when in the fall and winter. Further, Opportunity has...
  4. N4CR

    New Enermax Platimax D.F. series added (1200-750W) dust cleaning mode etc

    http://www.enermax.com/home.php?fn=eng/product_a1_1_1&lv0=1&lv1=90&no=376 New 1200W, 1050W, 850W, 750W to strengthen the existing line-up of 600W and 500W models. Some really neat features, a reduced dust mode/self cleaning mode is very attractive to me, I hate pulling PSUs apart to clean...
  5. FrgMstr

    Moon Dust by the Bag

    You might remember this story from a couple of years ago. A lawyer snatched up a bag of actual Moon dust that was collected during the Apollo 11 Mission by Neil Armstrong in 1969. It was mis-inventoried and NASA screwed the pooch and sold it off for $995. She sold it this week for $1.8M at an...