Rosewill STRIKER RK-6000 Mechanical Keyboard $42

There seems to be some confusion as to what switches these have. Some people saying Cherry browns, some people saying they are Alps switches. Newegg doesn't say. Unless you are willing to take a gamble, it's probably worth it to go for the RK-9000 and then you can choose the switch you want. It comes in black, blue, red, or brown. I've got one with blues and have been really pleased with it.
If the Enter/Backspace was in the standard format I would order it even with the Alps switch's for work... But damn that enter key is ginormous
The striker switches have a life of 20 million clicks, the 9000 has switches with 50 million clicks. Doubtful the striker has the cherry switches then.
This unit should have Alps switches. It shares an almost identical design with the Solidtek ASK-6600 / SIIG JK-US0112-S.

Which BTW, I have both of the above units and absolutely love them. A little clunkier sounding clicks than Blues and a little stiffer too.
I have a g15 keyboard. What do mechanical keyboards offer over that for gaming? Guess I'm pff to google to find out.
I had a G15 and compared to my "off brand / cheap" mechanical keyboard with Alps switches (should be the same as this Rosewill) I'll never go back. The G15 feels like crap in comparison. - I do miss the macro keys and shortcut keys however...
I have a g15 keyboard. What do mechanical keyboards offer over that for gaming? Guess I'm pff to google to find out.

Mechanical keyboards feel less "mushy" than the G15 would. There's a very definitive place where each key registers every single time, no membranes or anything that dampen it. It's like flicking a light switch as opposed to one of those sliding variable ones. Except lets say the sliding variable switch still only has on/off and it varies a little bit.

There's no definitive "advantage" in gaming. Most people just find them more comfortable/enjoyable to type on. They're said to be more accurate/precise as well, though I've never had any issues with membrane boards in that aspect. Some types of keys (like reds) also require very light touches, so they're very quick to type on. It;s mostly up to personal preference and I definitely enjoy typing on a mech board more.
The difference between mechanical and rubber membrane type key feedback is pretty profane.

The truth is, you can adjust to and live with either. I had a G15 keyboard and totally loved it. I loved it so much so that when I wore my first one out I paid $100 for a new one that was Italy and had a weird key layout that I had to learn.


The thing with mechanical that you come away with is the quality. less mushy is a good start at trying to describe the feeling but there is much more to a mechanic switch than just that.