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    1. dpoverlord
      Hey how far are you from microcenter? I'm in nyc and was looking at there deal.
    2. mi7chy
      Hi, were you able to take advantage of the trade in offer and get the full $650 towards a Surface Pro 3?
    3. 0m3g4
      Well, sixfootduo as of 10-06-11 (the date of above msg) you have yet to respond to me once...
      I have sent you several messages, while I admit I didn't give you my paypal address on the 2 attempts you asked for it. I was very skeptical, you said your account was hacked, and who am I to know that this account wasn't hacked? also, you could have looked at your paypal past transactions. yup, my paypal address would have been in there, also I sent it to you via email, the third time you asked. I think you have this whole thing mixed up. I am not in the wrong here. You do not respond to my pm's and you have stated that you are waiting on a settlement, and that's what you referrence every time you correspond with me...
    4. 0m3g4
      don't want to pay me back or give me the card that I PAID for, that's fine. I will just let other people know what kind of online seller you are. It has been since 02/20/11 and now you will not respond, even telling me an update... with no attempt to pay.
      Great seller you are.
    5. DroidMomma
      Did you do the flashing of your DX to Cricket or did they do it for you? Did they charge you for the flashing?

      Thank you!!!
    6. ZixacunX
      do you still have the 1090t?
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    2 x Nvidia 980 ti 6Gb SLI ~ Samsung 49" KS8000 4k Display
    Fractal Define R5 w/ Side Window Case, Corsair AX860i PSU
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