Refresh Rate Multitool .exe

If you're comfortable with changing the code and compiling, you can do this.

First disable vsync. To do that, change glfwSwapInterval(1) to glfwSwapInterval(0).

Then, you will probably get over 1000 FPS depending on your setup. You'll want to lower it, so add a sleep for 1/90th of a second. Add glfwSleep(1.0 / 90); just before glfwSwapBuffers() in the main loop.

That probably won't get you EXACTLY 90 FPS, but it should be close. You can tweak the sleep interval to get it to be closer to what you want. Use Fraps to measure your FPS.

Note that you can do this for fun or learning purposes, but I don't think it'll tell you much about the performance of the monitor per se. When vsync is on and the app runs at the same FPS as the monitor refresh rate, then each rendered frame you see is exactly as it is drawn, so you know what to expect. Without vsync, there will be unpredictable image tearing so what you will see will depend BOTH on the performance of the monitor as well as LUCK, how the image tear turned out to be at that particuar moment.
can anyone confirm how you change the program to show different numbers of columns and rows? what would you set them as if testing 75Hz refresh rate or 85Hz refresh rate support as well?
In addition to the command-line prompt (cmd.exe) you can modify the "6 by 10 grid.bat" file using Notepad. Just change those two numbers inside, then run the bat file.

For 75 Hz testing (to make sure it's not 60 Hz) I would use 5 by 1 grid, and for 85 Hz I would use 17 by 1 grid.
Is my monitor frame skipping?

Catleap 2b @ 120hz. Fraps says 120hz, Powerstrip says 120hz, but Im not sure how to interpret this test and from what I have read, it looks like shurcool exe proves that my monitor IS frame skipping?

Not sure. Interpretive help appreciated.

TY :)

PS shurcool exe was run exactly as I downloaded it. No modications or changes were made at all.
I've found this program isn't accurate unless desktop composition is disabled. That's a problem because it can't be disabled in Windows 8. Some people are also having problems with it tearing, even with vsync forced on in the driver.

Also, if you're running multiple monitors, it can only synchronize with one monitor. If you're trying to test a 120 Hz monitor but it synchronizes with a 60 Hz monitor, then it will appear to skip every other frame.
Can someone help me? I am trying to change the tool to show 5 columns instead of 6. Cant figure out how to do it. Any help is appreciated.
Have you tried editing the .bat file? By default, it says:

RefreshRateMultitool.exe 6 10

Change that to:

RefreshRateMultitool.exe 5 1

And run the edited .bat file.
Ahhh ok. I got it. Thanks for your help Shurcool! My problem was that when I dl'd the multitool file it was named RefreshrateMultitool (1) for some reason. Once I edited the file name to Refreshratemultitool.exe the .bat file now works and I can edit it in Notepad to adjust the rows and columns. Awesome, cant wait to try it at home. Thanks!
shurcooL, I'm using Windows XP 32bit with Intel GPU. I ran this program with more than 1000 FPS. Is this okay?
Some people are also having problems with it tearing, even with vsync forced on in the driver.
vsync usually only works in fullscreen mode
with desktop composition it apparently works in windowed mode too but it causes a lot of other issues
For people using the great shurcooL's Refresh Rate Multitool, to check if an overclocked monitor is frame-skipping or not:

There's a much easier, new web-based tool at TestUFO for frame rate skipping checks:

For accurate "perfect-VSYNC" frame skipping checks up to 240Hz, use only Chrome (chrome://gpu enabled) or Opera 15+. Internet Explorer 10 can do accurate frame skipping checks up to about 105Hz. FireFox 24+ pre-beta does great frame skipping checks at 60Hz, but starts to degrade as you go higher. Quit all applications, disable tools that accesses disk, and give 100% CPU to the webbrowser. Check your webbrowser's VSYNC support. Modern web browsers have VSYNC under Windows and Mac, but unfortunately not on Linux or Android systems (yet).

You do not need a high speed camera; it works with a standard photographic camera set to about a 1/4th to 1/10th second shutter speed. It's very easy to tell if a frame has been skipped, if you see gaps in the resulting photograph. Even an iPhone camera works too.

I've added a link to this thread, as well, too!
Improved instructions:

When testing
Use Google Chrome.

1. Take a photo. iPhone cam works. Exposure doesn't matter as long it captures multiple frames. About 1/10sec or 1/5sec.
2. Make sure it says "VALID" when you take the photo, with no messages on screen
3. Interpret it as follows:


Confirmed zero frame skipping. Congratulations!


Bad frame skipping. Must also say "VALID"
Either by browser or by television, but nearly always the display's fault if you're using Google Chrome on a fast GPU on a Windows system, in single-monitor mode, and the correct refresh rate is being displayed. It reliably runs framerate=Hz on modern nVidia/ATI/IntelHD3000+ graphics if everything in chrome://gpu is enabled.
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Question: I made few shots (ISO 100) in 1920x1080@60Hz and then I made few shots in 1920x1080@72Hz and this is weird: on 3 shots out of 8 @ 60Hz 1 box were skipped, while on all 7 shots @72Hz - none.

What gives?
Wow Shurcol nice tool, please don't let this thread die.

By the way i do have a Samsung Syncmaster t200 very old 2 ms response time and native 1680x1050 60hz which it can up to 77 hz by using XtoastyX utility LCD Standart or just going in Nvidia control panel by making a cvt resolution.

The thing is i'm not quite sure yet about this refresh rate multitool at all cause i don't know how to properly do the test?

I have an Iphone 4 s 9.3.5 IOS and my phone didn't have the shutter slow function which i had to go to APPSTORE and download an apps LongExpo

So finally i made to get that app with 1/4 exposure, i don't know if that recommended or if i need a better app with 1/10?

This app has many options Shutter 1/4, 1/2 ,1, 2,3,4,8,16, B.. was wondering whats the most recommend option to test properly my monitor?

Also about the Bath, if i'm trying 77 HZ how many grid or columns do i neeD? i was trying 6-10 then 5/1 but i clearly don't know what im doing lol xD