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  • Hey houkouonchi, I was curious as to you helping me with a custom firmware for the Seiki SE50UY04, I know you were able to add the mode of 1080p@120hz but could we actually remove all 1080p modes except 1080p@30hz so that the seiki u-vision cable can upscale any 1080p source that reads the EDID (such as xbox 360, ps3, so on) I have found that nothing will output such a low refresh mode unless it is hardcoded into the EDID and you are the only person who has been able to make a custom firware with defined modes :)

    I am trying to decide on which HGST 4TB drive to purchase for my NAS/SAN server. I have narrowed the selection down to the HGST 4TB Deskstar NAS (0S03664) and the HGST 4TB Deskstar Coolspin (0S03359) version. The NAS version is on sale at Newegg for $164 with coupon and the best price on the Coolspin version is at B&H for $149.00. I have a 3U SuperMicro case that can hold up to 16 drives. I will be using 8 drives for VM datastores and the other 8 drives for storage of my media files (movies, photos, etc.) for streaming by my media players (XBMC, etc.).

    Can you please respond to my thread (see below) on your recommendation. I want to purchase the drives today.

    Hey, I have a question about that modded Seiki SE50UY04 firmware you made. Is it possible to change the EDID to say that it supports AC3/DD/DTS? Its kinda weird that it has a RAW audio output option, but won't show that it can support these formats. My receiver is just and doesn't support HDMI audio and video at the same time (only video) but I would still like to use my Chromecast with surround sound. If it was just a PC I would spoof the EDID, but I can't really do that with a Chromecast :/
    Hi houkouonchi,

    I noticed you had a smartinfo.pl scrip that you used to agregate all the critical SMART stats for your disks. Is this publicly available, or was it something you wrote yourself? I'm looking for something exactly the same, and at the point where i'm going to write the script myself. If it's your own work, is it something you might be willing to share?

    Much appreciated either way.

    Hello sir,

    I just saw that you picked up a massive amount of Supermicro storage racks. I don't know if you were interested to sell some of them, but if you are, i'm really interested for one case. The only problem with me is that I live in Canada and shipping cost would be enormous. Do you know a place except ++++ or Newegg that would sell some Norco cases if we can't make an arrangement?


    P.S. Really like to read your posts and subscribed to your youtube channel.

    Oh cool. Where are you in california? Don't see too many storage buffs like me. If you have a lot of anime and stuff you should let me come by and leech some of your collection =) I was in Japan but I am actually back in the U.S. =)

    I live in Corona, CA ATM but I might be moving to Chino or Chino Hills in the near future.
    No, I'm only running Windows in Japanese language mode - I'm in California. I imagine getting a rack case like the Norco shipped there would cost quite a bit.
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