Pokemon Go

I also didn't know that remote raids worked like that. Neat.

I really hope some of these are retroactive, because otherwise I don't think i'll be leveling up past 40 that much. Which I guess is entirely the point.

From what I read only the platinum required ones will be retroactive. I should have enough XP to get most of the way to 41, and looking forward to the challenges.
Screenshot_20210519-235640_Pokmon GO.jpg

I managed to pop lvl 43 a little bit ago.

My wife hit 40 tonight.

Also secured go fest tickets on both of our accts and 2 alt accts so we can get both Pikachs.
Congrats. I'm stil 40 due to a lack of being able to raid on a regular basis. Someday I'll hit 41. (I'm at 22 of 30 raids, its taken me months to get there.)
I'm at 62,791 pokemon caught as of this very second. Welp, there goes 62,792.
I've also visted 66,868 pokestops. lol.

I play for my kid. Someone at work gave me a watch to catch Pokémon. That thing has helped me level up fast.

Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 4447 5526 5704!

That's my stop!! I submitted it November 22nd of last year it was accepted on Friday and dropped in game today. I'm like overly excited about it as this is the first and only out of four stops I submitted that day that's been accepted