Pokemon Go

I'm going to start playing again if they launch generation 2 in the wild currently only in 2km Eggs I mean the entire 100 of them. Not untill the Ice melts though....

2nd Gen Pokemon :woot::woot::woot: Will be intresting to see what spawns then again my phone is deactivated.
It's live caught my first 2
2nd Gen Pokemon on the wifi

I might goto the spirnt store and re-enable my phone.
Since reactivating my phone with a new number isn't going to be cheap need another service plan.
Thinking of picking up a Amoled phone instead (I have a IPS LCD LG Phone) to play this game again when it gets slightly warmer outside. Plus the screen won't wash out being it's a Amoled phone vs: turn up the brightness for a lcd.
I just think it's a cool game and cool concept if you don't cheat and gets you out of the house for a while.
Found out how to re-enable my phone

The thing is costs like 500.00 a year to play this game while I could buy about 30 decent steam games with that. I wish Cell Phone subs were not that expensive or the Data plans were cheaper.
I'm going to start playing this as soon as it warms up outside it's the only game that gets me exersize.
Plus I'm almost out of Pokeballs from last fall when that was the last time I visited a Pokestop.
"Some" carriers are pushing out a recently released Android security update
that is patching spoofing methods.

Unclear how much this is affecting spoofers, since it doesn't matter
on rooted phones. And not all carriers are going to push this, and not to
all phones.

Some are reporting reduced spoofing encounters though.

I just discoverd they changed the music at Night Time must be the best 8 bit music they could make a Billion dollars it's a nice tune.
By the thread activity it seems you are the last pokemon go player. You better get an achievement for that!

We can’t wait to share all of the exciting things that we have planned to celebrate Pokémon GO’s one year anniversary with you! Over the next couple months, we’re releasing some awesome new game features focused on cooperative real-world play. We’re also hosting a variety of in-game and real-world events including a thrilling in-game event featuring both Fire-type and Ice-type Pokémon and Pokémon GO Fest, the official real-world event for Pokémon GO, in Chicago, Illinois, USA at the Grant Park on July 22, 2017. Tickets and more information for Pokémon GO Fest Chicago will be available at PokemonGOLive.com/Fest on June 19 at 10:00 A.M.PDT. European Trainers can look forward to Pokémon GO celebrations hosted across the continent from June through September in partnership with Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers. We'll be posting a complete schedule for these events very soon. Also, The Pokémon Company is organizing a Pokémon event in Yokohama, Japan this August where they’re exploring a unique Pokémon GO experience. Visit PokemonGOLive.com to stay up to date on all of the latest details about Pokémon GO.

Pokemon Go at Starbucks I got this to display from the Walmart parking lot found it pretty fun the game is good for Marketing with the new search.
The new Gyms are great me and this 60 year old power walker took over team yellow who was on Team yellow demolished a gym I was in the Gym for 24 hour yesterday got about 40 coins I guess you get like 1 coin a hour or something. I went to the local graveyard and picked up a rare pokemon from 2nd gen I didn't have yet he was right in the center of the graveyard.
This thread for the last 7 months is almost entirely Comixbooks' Pokemon Go journal o_O
This game is broken....I left all my Pokemon in Gyms and I will never get them back unless someone takes over the gym thus no coins.
I should of left common Pokemon in the Gyms. I guess the Event in Japan went over big youtubers from all over the USA went there just to particiate in a working event unlike Chicago
Game is broken in it's current state unless they did that just to make more money. What is the point of having high level pokemon if you don't ever get them back?
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might head to Anaheim this weekend, I work day shifts, so I'd have to get off work, drive 1.5hrs, try to catch Kangaskhan, then drive 1.5 hours back then go to work :D
I just hatched my first Scyther from an egg pretty cool I have the metal plate but I don't have enough candy. Still trying to catch up on my 1st gen pokemon.

8hr shift(11am-8pm)
1.5hr drive (10:30pm-12am)
5 hours catching pokemons (12-5am)
1.5hrs drive back(5-6:30am)
3.5hrs of sleep
To go back to another day of work

Currently dying and drinking energy drinks
5 hours catching pokemon LOL I can't do more than 2 1/2 hours at a time it just gets tiresome hell I'm only level 24.
I went downtown to catch some stuff a bunch a Magi Karp and I caught a Bay Leef Raid pokemon on a single person raid the first raid capture for me.
I think I could take a 2 tire Raid but I know 3-4 are out of my league for Raiding. I grinded 70K XP to 100K XP just such a grind they made the game
so even level 30 is hard to archive 30-40 is insane unless you cheated a year ago.
LOL Ok last year I went down my camping pokemon Go spot in the middle of winter their was a ice skating rink on my favorite spot.
I just don't find it to be very fun to Pokemon when it's snow or ice outside. Summer/spring is wawy more enjoyable.

I'm level 25 now and it's 190,000 points for level 26.

100 points on average for each pokemon caught
1000 points for a new Pokmeon but that is rare
200 for double XP
3000 points for taking over a Raid Boss
The once hot spot in our city is no longer the hot spot for the best pokemon unless a event is going on like the Solstice event.
Caught a few Electrobuzz which I could finally level up to something a little higher top 12 anyway. All the raid battles are out of my league
for the most part now and all the raids I seen were of stuff I already had.
I could sit in my car at the Library for about 5 hours and rack in the pokemon and freeze my butt off but not sure if it's worth it.
Would like to add those Ghost pokemon to my collection for sure though.....the event starts Oct. 20th but ends on Nov. 2nd

Just isn't worth braving the cold weather maybe if you live down under it would be worth it.

Plus I would have to activate my phone to freeze my butt off....another 30.00+ down the drain for a few rare pokemon and a cell phone I don't use really.....
I like this game as a whole but after spending about 50+ hours playing it I'm done with it.
The added eyestrain doesn't help a guy out either the day after.
Don't blame you I stopped for 6months after playing 6 months. Came back when the legendaries came out. But it does get repetitive quick. Only thing that's keeps me interested is going after 100s