Patriot & HardOCP Lucky Draw Giveaway

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i likem cause they make great memory, ssds, flash drives, and other accessories. Never had any problems with the Patriot products i've owned in the past.
I've got some patriot RAM that is years old and still going strong. Good product line covering the extremes and the regular every day needs.
Patroit seems to have been holding the Memory market well, the seem to have Good memory with a low DOA count.
Patriot memory are great because they're so reliable. I once tried OCZ, gave up after 3 dead pairs, and went straight back to Patriot. Great stuff.
I have been using patriot memory for quite some time now. Never had to RMA a single item.
Patriot Memory was my first high end memory. It is still working in a spare box after 8+ years
Have to be honest here. Haven't really looked at what patriot offers outside of its RAM, which seems to be good quality RAM.
Sorry we have not made this clear, but this lucky draw ended last year.
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