New Coreteks vid


Limp Gawd
Jan 18, 2012
The new vid, The Future of Graphics, starts off with a brief history of graphics development before going into NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel's contributions. The focus is primarily on the direction of the industry and where the 3 companies look to press their different advantages.
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I like listening to this guy almost as much as a adoredtv. And I do fully agree that RTX pretty much failed. Even on a $1200+ GPU, you need to use DLSS to try keep playable frame rates at 1440p when using max ray tracing settings. And even then you absolutely will not keep 60fps in some games. And there's also way too much visible noise in some games. Some people keep thinking these 20 series cards are future-proof when it's the opposite that's probably true. Future games with better graphics and more Ray tracing features that only work on RT cores will simply be even slower than they are in games right now.